Married At First Sight: Things Got a Bit Steamy on These Honeymoons


Married At First Sight: Things Got a Bit Steamy on These Honeymoons

This week was pretty exciting if you ask me – some major life events took place! Marrying a complete stranger at the altar, spending the night together for the first time AND of course – THE HONEYMOONS! There’s a lot in store – and we’re just getting started.

Now, the first night can be full of a lot of pressure — or pleasure. Depending on your preference. 😉 But, in all honesty, I love the first night. This is the time when the couples can finally have some time alone together and share what’s really going on in their heads! After so many weeks of anticipation and curiously, you finally get a chance to have all those questions answered!

Honeymooning with a Stranger?!

Matt and Amber

Things got a bit heated in the hot tub the first night of their honeymoon…and lemme tell ya it wasn’t the water 😉 These two were the first to consummate their marriage, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being physical right from the beginning, I just hope they take time to get to know each other in other ways too.

I really really hope he tells his parents that he got married!! Yep, if you missed that Matt got married and didn’t tell his parents, I was totally shocked and kinda confused! What do you guys think?! Is this a red flag?

Devil’s bridge looked absolutely breathtaking and it was so cute that he was using the wedding present Amber got him! I mean who doesn’t love taking polaroids, I know I do!

Deonna and Greg

Okay, I just cannot get over these two love birds… I mean they literally seem *perfect* for each other! Could it be too good to be true?! I’m really rooting for these two!

And we all know that Greg looooves his compliments… what girl wouldn’t want to get a 100 a day like dang, Doug take notes LOL!! And in return, he only wants a casual 75… no big deal haha!

Okay, did anyone else think it was a *bit* of a red flag that she hasn’t had a relationship in TEN years… yep I said 10 years! Deonna seems like a strong independent woman and I applaud her for focusing on herself and career first… you go girl!! I just hope that she’ll be able to let him in cause 10 years is a long time.

I love that Greg compromised and went zip lining to make her happy! This man has the key to a successful marriage down pat!! Now to just keep it up, but I think he’s got this!

Elizabeth and Jamie

Alrighty, we all know that Elizabeth is head over heels for her man and she’s ready to jump his bones if ya know what I mean….too bad that monthly visitor came along cause I guess they can’t consummate their marriage. But I think Antigua is the perfect place for them to hit it off and truly get to know each other!

Woah, woah, woah… let’s talk about that first fight. Honestly, I could see both sides, but it just seemed like Jamie did not care what so ever! He even asked her why he should care?! Like WHAT?! Listen the honeymoon is no place to leave your hubby or wifey alone, but I’m glad they were able to communicate through it in a respectful way! That is so so important!

Not gonna lie, Elizabeth is a little cray cray… in a good way though. She’s full of energy and spunk and I love it… seems like Jamie does too 😉 and they are both just gushing over each other, ahhh love at first sight…maybe?

I found it so interesting that they both felt they had to lie to the experts and said that they wanted kids at some point. I get that they didn’t want to be judged for saying no, but guys, these experts have your backs!! It’s a bit concerning to me that they weren’t 100% honest, but I still think these two are made for each other!

Keith and Iris

We all know she’s a virgin and doesn’t wanna go all in without knowing his full intentions, but she did share that she’s done some other stuff with guys… I’ll leave that one to your imagination.

I feel like the honeymoon can put a bit of pressure on these couples because you’re in a romantic setting, all alone, exploring together and making memories… which all sounds amazing, but in reality, you’ve only known your stranger hubby/wifey for three days! Listen I’m the queen of taking it slow and Douglas was so sweet, patient and reassuring to me, I give all (actually most ;)) of the credit to him!

And come on!! Swimming with stingrays!! That looked like so much fun and I love that he kept it a surprise for her, that was so sweet!!

Last days in paradise….

It’s their last days in paradise and then it’s back to reality! But first, we have a pretty *interesting*, to say the least, last day of their honeymoons! Is it really love at first sight for Jamie and Elizabeth? Will Keith find his wedding ring? Matt may have to leave and is that a deal breaker for Amber? And Greg has an ex-fiancé!? Yep, you read that right!! I am sooo excited for next week’s episode and as always I’ll be blogging all about it!

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