Married At First Sight: One Hubby Leaves Already?


Married At First Sight: One Hubby Leaves Already?

The couples are officially moved in together and now it’s time to host their first get together! Let’s just say it went a lot better for some than others, but we’ll get into that later on😉

Keith and Iris

These two are so precious together, they truly balance each other out and have opened up to each other! I thought it was such a good sign that Keith wanted Iris to come visit his grandma in the hospital with him. He’s truly welcoming her to the family and confiding in her!

Doug’s family was so welcoming and kind to me… errr for the most part, Bonnie was a bit skeptical, I mean can ya blame her, I did cry on our wedding lol!

Deonna and Greg

Greg is taking his relationship slow and getting to know her…. that’s Deonna’s dog we’re talking about hahah. I swear it seems like he’s got to win over two women😉

On another note, how sweet was her early birthday surprise?! It truly is the little things in life that make you smile 🙂

Plus spoiler alert!!! Deonna is way past comfortable with Greg and really likes her hubby!!! I remember when Doug and I were first married I made sure I had my makeup, done extensions in, cute clothes on. I wasn’t really comfortable until a lot later.

Beth and Jamie

I know these two are going to have a lot of fun together. I never know what’s going to
come out of Beth’s mouth sometimes, she’s a firecracker hahah!! FYI if any of ya guys are wondering going number 2 is a glitter alert in their house hahah!

Lemme tell ya though, Beth tells it like it is! We love a woman who knows what she wants anddddd for her that’s flowers twice a month, girl I feel ya! Doug take notes😉😘

Matt and Amber

I was kinda shocked when Amber said she’s never lived with anyone either orrrr that
she’s never introduced a boyfriend to her family! What did you guys think about that?

Ladies Night Out

I absolutely love seeing these ladies all together!! It’s so amazing they have each other to lean on and *relate* to throughout this process…. because ya never know what it’s like to marry a stranger until ya marry a stranger haha!

I love that they’re super honest and open with each other! Back to the bathroom situation…. I’d have to agree with Deonna and don’t think it’s that big of a deal that Matt wanted his own bathroom…. not gonna lie Doug and I don’t even share a bathroom hahah.

Sexy time

Soooooo let’s get into the nitty-gritty…. two out of four couples consummated their marriage…and Iris wasn’t shy to share with the other wives about finding Keith’s empty condom box-but she’s keeping the past in the past!! You go girlll!!

Hostess with the Mostess

Hosting by itself is super stressful… adding on top of it new in laws and friends can be an interesting situation and definitely cause some tensions.

Beth’s dad wasn’t too fond of Jamie from day one but hopefully this little get together will get him to warm up. It seems like Beth wasn’t completely honest about her job… in fact she’s actually just *starting* her job next week working for her dad. She’s a free spirit and Jamie’s mom is a bit concerned about that and I can totally see why- mama bear instincts are in full effect!!

Not going to lie it was a bit of a red flag when they lied about their family plans. They both don’t want kiddos but then told their parents maybe 2-3 years🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m not sure how that’s going to go down, but we shall see!

Cake, wine, yummy food and good company… Deonna put together such a cute birthday party for Greg!! I feel like Deonna has opened up so much in such a short time! I was a wee bit concerned, but she’s really letting Greg in— even her friends see a change and growth in her💗

Iris and Keith are having their closest friends and family over anddd it was going well until one of Keith’s friends helped himself to her lemonade. Lemme tell ya, it’s not about the lemonade it’s about respect and I can totally see where she’s coming from—I feel it’s a bit rude to just help yourself in a stranger’s home🤷🏻‍♀️ but to each their own!

Fights, fights and more fights?

Jamie and Beth have had their fair share of fights already, they’re both super passionate, emotional and eccentric. Jamie revealed that his parent’s divorce is a touchy subject and she keeps pushing it. I don’t think Beth meant any harm and was just trying to understand but I think Jamie took it the wrong way. I don’t like that he started attacking her about her job to spite her… not cool dude!

If ya thought it was over there… you thought wrong lol! Jamie feels like they don’t have enough sex and she feels like it’s basic… he doesn’t go above and beyond🤷🏻‍♀️ Instead of trying to talk it out he literally left and took the cat with him! What do ya guys think of this?! I feel like walking away isn’t going to make it any better!

Matt’s MIA??

Okay I just wanted to reach in the TV and give Amber a hug!! I felt so bad for her!! Long story short, Matt basically disappeared, he hasn’t answered her back and he’s out having a good time with his friends. I feel like he’s used to living the single life and that’s not okay to do to your wife! I really really hope they can work this out and move past it! Communication is the foundation for a successful relationship!

One Couple is Getting a Divorce?!

Alright, phew that’s all for this week’s episode!! A lot has happened and a lot more is to come 😉 Next week the couples are stepping out of their comfort zones, Iris asks Keith how much of an impact her virginity has on their marriage and Jamie and Beth are fighting.. again.. but this time he said he wanted a divorce. Stay tuned for next week’s episode and I’ll be here chatting with ya guys again💗

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