Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert… Things Get HEATED!


Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert… Things Get HEATED!

Last time, the couples celebrated their ONE month anniversaries… and let’s just say it went better for some couples than for others! Either way, all these couples are all in and are ready for the future together!

Greg and Deonna

I absolutely loveeee Deonna and Greg!! They compliment each other like peanut butter and jelly 😉 I mean who doesn’t love that salty and sweet snack?! Anyways, now that I just made myself hungry (LOL), let’s get back to these two! You can totally tell that he likes living with her…. but Deonna can be a bit hard to read—I can TOTALLY relate to her! It’s hard to open up to someone you don’t *truly* know, but it’s so necessary! Deonna has been single for a while so it’s definitely a learning experience, but I think she will open up more to Greg over time 🙂

Iris and Keith

Okay okay, Iris and Keith are having some intimacy issues— so the experts gave them a sexy dice activity 😉 ….anddd Iris was not having it!! You could totally feel how uncomfortable she was and I felt so bad for her!

Keith is starting to think that they have different maturity levels, but I think he’s just more experienced than her. He’s afraid because she’s a virgin and is scared to take her virginity. I feel like Iris will start to open up over time and that Keith continues to be patient with her 🙂

I remember Doug was so patient with me throughout this whole experiment and it truly made me fall in love with him…  there’s other things too… but this was HUGE!

These couples are *halfway* through their marriages—they can either recommit or get out. Ahhh decision day is coming up sooo soon and I’m so anxious to see how it all plays out 🙂 As always, I’d love to see them all stay together, but sometimes you have to do what’s best for YOU! Anyways, that’s still a few weeks away!

Chat with an Expert!

Greg and Deonna are getting along so well… they totally see how they complement each other—but Deonna doesn’t express her feelings well and she thinks she needs to be more considerate to show she loves him. I think it is such an amazing trait to recognize your flaws and try and work on them! They’re totally committed to each other and I’m so happy!!

Matt and Amber

On the other hand….Matt hasn’t come home for the past TWO nights. Like WHAT?! And the best part is that he thinks they have built a solid foundation (LOL)! I don’t know, if Douglas did this to me early on in our marriage I’m not too sure how I would’ve felt!

Matt supposedly leaves when he has to clear his mind, which I understand! Sometimes alone time is good, but not for two days, when you’re newly married! Amber even shared that he’s different on and off camera. I mean it totally seems like he doesn’t want to be around her on camera. Amber feels a bit rejected and she feels like she’s not getting the love she deserves.

I think that they have sooo much potential together and I feel like if they worked together it would make their marriage sooo much stronger!

Elizabeth and Jamie
Matt isn’t the only hubby who left for the night, Jamie left 2 days ago and things aren’t looking too good! Elizabeth was hurt by the things that he said to her and girl, I would be too! It was totally unnecessary!

It seems like Jamie is a bit difficult to communicate with. They seem to argue about sex… a lot. Jamie feels like she uses it as a weapon, but I’m not too sure about that! I think there’s definitely more to this story!

He totally took Elizabeth complimenting her wedding dress out of context! Every bride loves to feel beautiful and *should*, but that doesn’t mean that she’s materialistic—he did admit though that he was embarrassed he said that. It’s so important to think before you speak because some things can’t be taken back! Hopefully the experts can help them work this out!

Next time…
These couples are halfway through!! Ahh decision day is slowly approaching and I feel like this season is flying by! Next week’s episode is intense!! Sassy Beth came out and I’m so anxious to see how it all plays out!

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