Married At First Sight: Romantic Anniversaries and Nasty Fights


Married At First Sight: Romantic Anniversaries and Nasty Fights

It’s their one month anniversaries and when you were just married at first sight this is a HUGE deal!! They’ve traveled together, moved in together and some of them have even had their first arguments, but tonight they’re celebrating!!

I remember at this point of the experiment I knew I was starting to fall for Doug, but I wasn’t quite in love yet… that actually took 6 months.

Keith Chats it Up!

I think it is so important that these couples still maintain who they are as individuals. Sometimes it’s good to step away and hangout with your friends for a bit 🙂 Keith met up with his buddy and boy was he shocked when Keith told him that his wife was a virgin. But I’m so glad that Keith opened up to his friend and shared that he’s not taking it lightly! He agrees that being someone’s first is a huge deal. So, they’re just taking it slow and being friends first before getting that true connection!

This is exactly what Doug and I did! He was so patient, kind and respectful towards me throughout this whole process. He *never* took anything I said personal and just gave me my space and it allowed me to open up and truly fall for him 🙂

Tell Me You Love Me

Okay, so we already know Jamie and Beth are head over heels in LOVE, but what about the other couples!? Deonna and Greg really opened up to Pastor Cal! You can totally tell that she’s so much closer to him and she REALLY likes him! But she’s working on loving him! Greg MAY be there already! No need to rush this “L” word but I think these two will be there soon!

A Romantic Dinner for Two

Amber and Matt are totally on the same page! I love that they’re both surprising each other! It truly is the little things in life.. ahhh my heart!! It was so sweet that he surprised her with flowers and dessert for their romantic dinner… buttttt, Matt’s ready to skip dinner and go straight to dessert if ya know what I mean 😉 Girl, you’re KILLIN’ it in that dress!!

Treading Water

Okay, back to Iris’s virginity…Keith seems to have a bit of a concern with it. Not because she waited, but because he’s nervous to be her first. I totally understand where he’s coming from and I think it was so sweet that Iris opened up to her mom and talked to her about it. I hope Gracie and I are super close when she gets older 🙂

One Celebration Ends In A Fight…

Elizabeth and Jamie

Okay, Jamie is treating Beth like a princess and I’m here for it!! Every girl likes to feel special every once in a while and sweet little hints are a great way to start it off! Jamie is going ALL in for their one month! I can’t wait to see their anniversary in 10 years lol! I’m hoping that this will help recenter them!

Well that definitely didn’t go as planned!!! Yikes! I feel like Jamie is overreacting a bit! Beth was just super excited to see the pictures and he got a bit irritated because all she was talking about was her dress. I think it was a bit immature to call her materialistic, but I do see where he’s coming from! But that doesn’t excuse the fact that he LEFT!! I really hope the experts can help them because these two are so good together!

Keith and Iris
Horseback riding and a romantic dinner?! Sounds like a win win to me! Their connection is SO natural and you can just feel the chemistry! I am totally looking forward to seeing their marriage grow, I think they just need some time to truly open up to each other, but nothing is wrong with that!

Matt and Amber
These two are couple GOALS am I right?! Like how cute are they together!! You can totally tell that Amber is smitten with him, you see it ALL over her face! I feel like Matt is a bit harder to read and I could totally see why she worries about him not coming home but she’s trusting in the process. Positive vibes only!

Deonna and Greg

Okay they are literally made for each other!! They are so playful together and I love it!! Just because the honeymoon is over doesn’t mean the honeymoon phase has to be! Never stop flirting with your spouse 😉

Next Time…

On next week’s episode these couples are having one on one sessions with the experts and nothing is off the tables!! I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds, and as always I’ll be here blogging all about it💗

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