Married At First Sight: Spoiler!!! One Couple Broke Up?!


Married At First Sight: Spoiler!!! One Couple Broke Up?!

Holy moly!!! If you thought this season was crazy…buckle up because this reunion has LOTS in store!! The couples are reunited for the first time are they made the biggest decision of their life! Do they regret getting divorced or are they still married?! Let’s get right into it 😉

Keith and Iris

I don’t know about you, but their decision day PULLED at my heart!! Doug and I thought they were so so good together and had so much potential, but Keith had other thoughts. I love that they both understand why they were matched. But you could totally tell that he struggled with her virginity since day one. Iris felt like Keith gave up on their marriage after the 8 weeks and I could totally see where she’s coming from, but I think he was so respectful to her throughout the whole process and ended it when he knew he wasn’t feeling it anymore… so definitely props to him! I just wanted to reach in the TV and give Iris a huge hug! You could see the love she had for Keith and that she’s still hurting, but I *believe* that they will each find their soulmate…and who knows maybe they’ll wind up back together down the road! Neither of them is dating, but she’s still a virgin and is waiting for marriage 🙂

Okay so the real question is, do they still talk to each other? What happened after the experiment? Are they back together?! Iris and Keith spilled that they’re still in contact and they’d totally give it another try if a spark was reignited…. boy oh boy do I hope that spark is 😉 LOL.

Greg and Deonna

Ahhh these two are made for each other, they are so cute together! Deonna definitely had some walls up and the beginning and she definitely didn’t like the compliments, Greg had some doubts as well, but they decided to stay married!!! I’m so curious to find out where they are now!! They felt relieved after cameras left but at the same time they felt like something was missing, I totally know the feeling- LOL-the camera crew becomes like family! But once the cameras stopped rolling they were able to get to know each other even more without the added pressure.

Andddd you guessed it…they are still married—yay!!! But this may be a totally SHOCK. Deonna said “I love you” first and Greg didn’t say anything back. Lol. Total shock right?! But anyways, now they’re moved into his house and they have a surprise for us!! Babies?!!! Nope just a nephew lol. But they want babies—yay more MAFS babies, Gracie needs another little playmate 😉

Matt and Amber

Okay, I never *want* a couple to end in divorce, but I think it was the best decision for these too. Amber was head over heels for Matt…him not so much. She thought he was well-rounded and everything she wanted in a husband. On the other hand, he had doubts in the first 15 mins—what?! But they slept together on 2nd day! I feel like Matt totally played with her emotions and that is not cool. Plus it was super disrespectful when he didn’t come home and was instead with *other* girls. But I guess the silver lining is that he didn’t sleep with anybody else. Good news is though that Amber has been dating!!!! Nothing serious, but it’s a start and I hope she finds her happily ever after with the man of her dreams!

Jamie and Beth

The burning question…are they still married?!!? They’ve had lots of ups and downs so it was hard to get back into normal everyday life after the cameras stopped rolling. And they actually broke up because her dog was sick and Jamie felt like she prioritizes her dog! But are they back together now?! YESSS!!! Married and happy and living together !!! Awwww!! And he can’t imagine life without her. I think they are literally perfect for each other and I can’t wait to see where their journey takes them!!

Welp, that’s all she wrote…literally! This season was one crazy ride, but we welcome 2 new couples to the still-married club and now they can get to know each other without cameras. Lemme tell ya, you have to learn about yourself through this process, but it is so worth it!! Also MAFS Season 10 is up next!! Who’s ready?!

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