Married At First Sight: Decision Day SPOILERS


Married At First Sight: Decision Day SPOILERS

HOLY COW. Decision day is HERE. And spoiler alert: STOP READING if you haven’t watched it yet.

Ok, now that I gave you an ample spoiler alert and the opportunity to stop reading if you haven’t watched Married At First Sight yet…let me continue! 🙂

What a whirlwind of a season – I mean, how else would you describe it? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down on my couch, getting snuggly with Doug, to watch these guys officially get MARRIED at first sight and now they’ve made another, ultimately life-changing decision – stay together or get a divorce?

Deonna and Greg

Deonna and Greg are definitely the married at first sight fairytale! They seem perfect for each other! Decision day is hands down more meaningful than the wedding day because this is *their* choice. Fun fact Doug and I’s decision day was exactly 5 years ago yesterday!!

Anyways it definitely hasn’t always been rainbow and butterflies but they’ve overcome it TOGETHER and I think that’s most important!

I feel like they both knew marriage was going to be hard but not this hard. Especially since Deonna’s last relationship was 10 years ago, but she really has been able to open up just not as quickly as Greg wants. I hope this isn’t a deal breaker for him!

Drum roll please!!!! Do they choose each other or are they choosing to go their separate ways?! Greg has me on the edge of my seat and so does Deonna!! I literally had to grab the tissues(may be these pregnancy hormones LOL) but these two are staying married!!!!

After the cameras are off that’s when the marriage truly begins and I’m so excited to see where these two wind up!

Keith and Iris

I feel like they may still have a couple of differences that they may not be able to sort out, but this is the chance to speak what’s on your heart!

I see lots of possibilities with these two including kids (c’mon you know their kids would be adorable!! Look at them!) and an amazing future. They’re super compatible together! But Keith feels like Iris’s virginity has been an obstacle.

To be honest, I think he’s shut down a bit you can see it in his face. You could totally tell that they’re both attracted to each other and care about each other so I’m so curious to see what they decide!

I’m so 50/50 with these two I feel like it could go either way! But Iris wants to stay married… the look on his face wasn’t too convincing though :/

Keith shared that he feels like they’re in different places and unfortunately he would like to get a divorce.

My heart is so sad for these two! I think they were so sweet together but, I wish them both nothing but happiness!

Matt and Amber

These two have been through lots together and if they haven’t been through enough together, yesterday Amber found out Matt was at a bar with another girl and she’s hasn’t confronted him yet.

Matt shared that he asked a woman on a date because he felt they were just friends. This is totally NOT cool!! I just don’t get why he was trying to have the best of both worlds, my heart breaks for Amber and I think she deserves someone who is going to pursue her and only her!

Now it comes to the point we’ve all been waiting for! I usually don’t root for divorce unless they’re not good for each other and I really don’t think these two are right for one another. Matt and Amber both agreed on a divorce and I totally agree with Amber, I wish he would’ve walked away instead of hurting her.

Beth and Jamie

These two have had lots of high highs and low lows but they’re clearly both so in love with each other! Just because it’s been a bit rough it doesn’t mean they can’t move past it.

Wow I really was so 50/50 on what she was going to decide! But Beth wants to stay married and Jamie doesn’t want to… get divorced either!! Here’s to their love story, a crazy one at that, and this is just the beginning! Welcome to the married club guys 😉

Catching Up!

I thought it was so sweet everyone got together for dinner after! At the end of the day, they’ll always have each other and I think it was so great they were able to meet up and support each other 🙂 Plus I absolutely LOVED that all the girls totally stood up for Amber… I’m here for it!! But Matt is just going to go on and do his life, it really makes me question if he was ever in it from the beginning? What do you guys think?


Welp that’s all she wrote! It’s been a rollercoaster of a season and I have had so much fun following these couples along on their journey! I love that we get to welcome, TWO new couples to the still-married club!! Next week is the finale and it looks like A LOT had gone on since! Deonna and Greg are adding a new family member?
Jamie and Beth broke it off? Ahh so much to catch up on and you know I’ll be right here blogging all about it!

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