Married At First Sight: Is the Honeymoon Phase Over??


Married At First Sight: Is the Honeymoon Phase Over??

What a whirlwind of a season – I mean, how else would you describe it? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting down on my couch, getting snuggly with Doug, to watch these guys officially get MARRIED at first sight and now they’re almost about to make another, ultimately life-changing decision – stay together or get a divorce? The mini-moons are over and it looks like the honeymoon bliss has faded for some couples… let’s jump right into it!

Where It All Started

As we flashback to the beginning of the experiment, the whole thing is kind of surreal! All these couples have been through so much in such a short amount of time. It is so cute and crazy to see how far they have come from being strangers at the aisle!

I love that they all looked back at their wedding videos! It feels like so much has happened the past 7 weeks!

Okay, so does anyone else feel like Luke is acting like nothing happened? Kate clearly still fills hurt and attacked from their ride home from the mini-moon. But she’s *still* not ready to give up though and I give this girl major props! I don’t know if I would have stayed this long, to be honest!

AJ really doesn’t seem to handle stress well and Steph is a bit worried about that. I feel like if it keeps happening, she may hit her breaking point. I love how Steph always talks to AJ about it and lets him know it’s not okay. Communication is key!!

One Last Hooray

Alrighty, it’s their *final* night together before decision day!! Ahh, I remember feeling all sorts of feelings and I was still sooo unsure of what I wanted to do!

Jasmine met up with some of her friends for a much-needed girls night!! She still seems 50/50 on her decision. Hahah I loved what her friend said!! Marriage isn’t easy! It’s constant work, but if you’re both committed in the long run it is so worth it 🙂

Kate is in it for the commitment and doesn’t want to get a divorce. She is such a sweet girl and even after everything, she’s still trying to look for the reasons they’re matched. But, her friends definitely have her back and they’re not letting Luke off the hook as easy as Kate is! I feel like she may be in love with the idea of Luke and not actually the person he is. But they both shared that they want to make this work and don’t want it to end in divorce! What do you guys think?!

Aww, my heart melted when Keith spilled to his buddy that his happily ever after is with Kristine. She’s smitten as well… Kristine is just a bit concerned that he hasn’t said I love you yet! I think that there’s still time though and it’s better if he waits until he truly feels it instead of rushing into anything!

To Stay Married or Get Divorced?!

All the couples are spending the night separately to really think about what decision they want to make! I am sooo anxious for next week’s episode! Which couples do ya think we’ll welcome into the still married club?!

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