Married At First Sight: It’s Their ONE Month Anniversaries!


Married At First Sight: It’s Their ONE Month Anniversaries!

It’s their ONE month anniversaries!! And in Married At First Sight world that’s a HUGE deal! There’s only a few weeks left before these couples make the second biggest decision of their lives on decision day, but first let’s see how their anniversaries went 😉

First of all, how cute was their group date with Dr. Pepper?! It was so refreshing seeing all the couples together having a great time 😉 Dr. Pepper had the couples rate each other and it seems like they’re all on the same page… for the most part! Kate feels like her marriage is a lot different, she thought it would be hard but not this hard! Marriage is work! And let me tell ya guys, Doug and I wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t work on our marriage. It takes work, HARD work, but it is worth it 🙂

So back to the ratings…Kate put herself as a 6.5, she feels like she’s lacking as a wife. I feel for her, but I think she’s doing a great job! I think communication is their biggest struggle, I really hope Luke can open up to Kate before it’s too late!

Romance is in the Air!

One month anniversaries are like one year anniversaries for regular couples lol! I mean they went from strangers to being married a WHOLE month and everyone seems to be on the right path! Keith is stepping up his cooking game for their anniversary. I think it was such a sweet surprise for Kristine! Guys it’s all about the little things. Last week she mentioned that she didn’t want to cook all the time and he decided to take a cooking class to help her!

Sometimes when I’m having a stressful day Doug will cook dinner… even if it’s from the freezer, it’s the thought that counts lol 😉

Okay, so the anniversaries weren’t romantic for all the couples. Luke woke up at 8 am and left Kate to hangout with his friends. Yikes, I don’t think this was a smart move on his part, you guys are in this TOGETHER and leaving isn’t going to make it better.. especially on your anniversary. What do you guys think of this?

Will and Jasmine had a romantic little night at home 🙂 Sometimes being all cozy and romantic in your home is better than going out! Things went a bit downhill at dinner though when he rated Jasmine a 6.8 out of 10 as a wife. She felt disrespected and gave him a 5 out of 10. I don’t know I think these two are so cute together and I feel like they’ve known each other for years, I have faith that they can turn things around 😉

Steph and AJ… these two are definitely on the road to falling in love!!! He knows all her different laughs and the little things about her! So cute am I right?! They seem at home with each other and I cannot wait to see their future together. I loved her thoughtful little gift with their first pictures together and he got her a recreated bouquet from their honeymoon, I mean goals, right ladies?!

All in all their one month anniversaries went super well and some couples are even on the path to falling in love! Ahh I can’t believe it!

Tell me about the future

All of these couples have grown SO much since their wedding days and I definitely feel like love is in the air 😉 On next week’s episode, the couples talk babies, divorce and 5 year plans! Tune in next week, ya definitely don’t want to miss it!

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