Married At First Sight: Spoiler Alert Here’s How the Wedding Nights Went!


Was it LOVE at first sight?

Yay!!!! I’m so excited that we have FOUR new couples to welcome to the MAFS club and they’re officially no longer strangers! I mean technically they’re married strangers now lol! Before we get to the honeymoons, let’s see how the wedding nights went!

Kristine and Keith

Oh my goodness!! These two are just MADE for each other, I can’t get over how cute they are for each other and they seemed to hit it off right from the aisle! I loved when she said that Keith was the hubby she never expected but always dreamed of! Boy oh boy do I agree with that! Doug is definitely the man of my dreams and while he wasn’t what I expected when I walked down the aisle, he’s more than I could ever want!

Luke and Kate

Wowza!! What a twist to their wedding! I can’t believe they KNEW each other! Was anyone else completely shocked?! We talked about this in last week’s Unfiltered episode and we got to the bottom of it! Anyways, I know things seem a little awkward for them, but hey cut ’em some slack…. they were just married at first sight! Luke even offered to sleep on the couch, but Kate was not having it lol!

Jasmine and Will

I feel like these two have known each other forever!! It just seems so natural and easy between them, you can definitly tell they have a real connection! And I love that Will was getting to the serious questions quick lol “are you more of a waffle or pancake girl?” I guess you can tell a lot about someone from that answer!

Stephanie and AJ

Okay, Stephanie and AJ seem like they are perfect for each other! You can definitely see the sparks between them! I love how natural their connection seems, plus they both have the same sense of humor so that is a definite bonus!

Costa Rica Here We Come

The couples are headed to Costa Rica for their honeymoons! Woohoo! What a more romantic way to start off their relationship, than in the warm and sunny setting! They say ya don’t really know someone until ya travel with them and boy is that true! These couples are gonna get to know each other real quick lol!

Luke and Kate started off their honeymoon at the animal sanctuary and lemme say, Luke seemed to LOVE it…. Kate on the other hand wasn’t too into it! But I love that she went anyways and tried to make the best of it to make her hubby happy 🙂

Jasmine and Will headed for the mountains and started off their honeymoon four-wheeling! Jasmine is up for adventures, but not if it means she’ll almost fall off a mountain lol! I was a little shocked that Will didn’t get off his ATV and come help her, I could definitely see why she was a little upset at him, but they were able to move past it and still have a great time!

Stephanie and AJ chose to go snorkeling for their first day in Costa Rica and it seemed like a blast! It reminded me of when Doug and I got to swim with seals on our honeymoon 🙂 These two are just hitting it off and I’m so excited to see their relationship grow.

Dinner Date for 3… Couples

My favorite part is seeing all the couples together! I think it’s so important that they all lean on each other during this time because they’re all in the same boat! All four couples got along so well at dinner, it was like they all knew each other forever! I felt bad for Kate because she seemed a little bummed that their marriage was in a different spot than the other three couples! Girl, don’t worry! Doug and I started off slow and look where we are now 🙂

I love how open and honest all the couples are with each other! Communication is key, especially when you’re trying to build a strong foundation! I think it was good that Kate confronted Luke and let him know that she likes affection and wouldn’t mind a kiss or two whenever he’s ready 🙂

Jasmine and Will on the other hand, had a pretty serious conversation at their dinner. Jasmine brought up the topic of gender roles and while she wants a more traditional marriage, Will has other thoughts. He believes the bills should be split 50/50, but she wants her hubby to be head of household. Yikes! I hope they can work this out, but I love how open and honest they are with each other!

What happens next week?!

Wow!!! Next week’s preview seems to have a lot going on! Did Stephanie and AJ get in a fight? Why did Luke feel repulsed and dead inside after he kissed Kate? How do the honeymoons end?! All this and more on next week’s episode! And as always, we’ll be getting into the nitty-gritty of all this on Unfiltered too 🙂

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