Married At First Sight: A Hubby Feels “Repulsed and Dead” After Kissing His Wife?!


Alrighty, the couples all took the leap of faith after being married at first sight and now they’re off honeymooning together! Now, oh my goodness! This week’s episode was intense…to say the least! One hubby said he felt repulsed and dead and another almost got in a fight with production, all while they’re on their honeymoons! Let’s jump right in and see how it went down.

Steph and AJ

I love how these two seemed to hit it off right from the start and you can see their connection growing more and more each day! I thought it was so sweet that Steph left him a little note showing she appreciates AJ! It’s all about the little things people!

Kate and Luke

Tea in bed ummm yes please sign me up!! I absolutely love how considerate Luke is towards Kate and although they haven’t kissed since the wedding day, you can tell they’re starting to warm up to each other! 

I like that they are so open and communicate with each other, Kate isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and I love that! Luke told Kate that she’s not his type, but I am still hopeful for these two!! It’s sooo much more than physical attraction and I am a firm believer that attraction grows overtime. Plus Kate had a good point, Luke told her that she wasn’t his type, but he has no type… hmmm something seems a little fishy lol! We’ll get to the bottom of this on Unfiltered!

Jasmine and Will

Ahhh, its so sweet that they’re holding hands already! I love it! You can tell that they just feel so comfortable around each other. Will feels like everything they do or say is bringing them closer and I think that’s so important! Last week, they got into a little disagreement over what roles they’ll each talk on, but I think they’ll be able to come to a compromise! 

Honeymoon Adventures

Time to turn up the romance woop woop!!! One of my favorite things about the honeymoons is going to explore and trying new activities and you definitely get to know a lot about a person when ya travel with them 🙂 I would say at our honeymoon is when I decided to finally give Doug a chance and boy am I glad I did! Anyways, back to the couples!

Let me just say, ziplining and a fear of heights definitely aren’t a perfect match, but I love that Will was willing to go to make Jasmine happy! Marriage is about compromise and I’m so happy that they’re stepping outside of their comfort zones! 

AJ is excited to learn all the little things about each other and just for real life to settle in! Oh that and romantic dinners for two are what he’s looking forward to most!

Bike ride for the win! I know Keith doesn’t like working out but I love how he did it to make Kristine happy 🙂 They are just so cute together and I feel like they’ve known each other forever!!

Hubbies’ Day Out

The hubbies all got together to spend some time together golfing and it seems like they all got a long great!  Keith even tried to take somebody out with his gold club lol!! 

Yoga for the Girls

While the guys were out golfing, the wives spent their time doing yoga which turned into more of a venting sesh! I think its great that they all have each other to lean on during this process and I love that Kate opened up to them about her concerns with Luke! Honestly, I was shocked when he said he felt repulsed and dead inside after they kissed!! What were your thoughts? Do you think he was a bit too honest?

Homework Gone Wrong

Well this isn’t the first time something like this has happened in MAFS history! AJ didn’t want to do the homework because he felt like he was being put on the spot, which I totally understand. But I think he may have overreacted and Steph didn’t seem to like it either. This whole experience can be super overwhelming and then adding on filming and production as well can be a lot for some people. I hope that this doesn’t happen again!!

Is the honeymoon phase over?!

The honeymoons are coming to an end… but that doesn’t mean the fun has to! These couples journeys have just begun and I am so excited to see how they are in “real life” guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see!

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