Married At First Sight: Decision Day Doubts…


Married At First Sight: Decision Day Doubts…

This MAFS season is coming to an end and these couples have been through a lot! They went from strangers to husband and wife, to living together and then to possibly falling in love all in a matter of months. This last week is crucial for them! I’m so excited to see how it all turns out, alrighty let’s get into it!

Talk It Out!

I love that they’re all venting towards each other and sharing about their marriages, sometimes talking out loud helps so much!!

Steph and Jasmine seem a bit concerned with their hubby’s actions. I feel like it’s normal to have some concerns because let’s face it, they only met a couple of weeks ago! Meanwhile, the guys are having a much lighter convo about waterfalls and unicorns lol- yep, you read that right!

It seems like Luke and Kate are in a great place right now! He checks off all her boxes, but she’s still unsure about the attraction. I know for a fact that attraction can grow!

Never did I think when I was crying in the hallway that the same stranger I said “I Do” would be the same man I’m celebrating our *almost* five year anniversary with!!

Decision Day Doubts

There’s less than a week left!! And trust me, knowing that decision day is right around the corner makes everything so much more stressful!

Kate and Jasmine stepped away for a bit to chat more about decision day. And if Will can’t step up the affection, Jasmine’s not sure if it’s going to last. I think these two have such great chemistry and I hope they can figure out a compromise!

A Not So Blissful Honeymoon

Kristine and Keith had a romantic little getaway for two this weekend. And a hot tub shaped martini glass?! Ummm, count me in! No, but seriously, I loveee these two together!! They remind me of Jephte and Shawniece and I think they’re made for each other!

Jasmine and Will went on a relaxing hike for their adventure and they chatted all about decision day! Jasmine and Will both seem to be 50/50 on how they feel about each other, to be honest, I was 50/50 at this point of the experiment too!

Steph and AJ headed to the vineyards for the day and that’s where it all began for them! It was a full-circle for these two since their reception was at a vineyard as well! Hey, at least they’re not strangers anymore lol!

Meanwhile, things weren’t as blissful for Kate and Luke. She shared with him that she talked to Dr Pepper and Jasmine about their sex life. Luke didn’t seem too upset about it at first but things took a turn on the drive home!

He brought up her drinking problem again and she doesn’t understand where he’s coming from. I think there’s more going on with these two without the cameras! I really hope they can turn things around and talk it out before decision day!

Only A Few Days Left…

Welp, the second honeymoons are over and with that comes a huge decision… to stay married or get divorced?! This is going to be the second hardest decision of their life! I cannot wait to see how this season ends, hopefully, we’ll welcome four new couples into the MAFS family 🙂

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