Married At First Sight: Blast From the Past


Oh my goodness, there is less than a month left and I feel like this season is just flying by! Can anyone else relate?! Alrighty, I got my popcorn, wine and some snuggles from Gracie and I’m ready to dive into this week’s episode! The couples all revisit a life changing experience and we get to see where they came from.

Dr. Jessica wants them to give their spouses a glimpse into their past before they were married at first sight! This exercise is all about seeing where they came from and I think that it helps to build trust and communication.

I remember when Doug and I did this exercise, he came upstate to meet my family and we went to the trailer park I grew up in. I felt so vulnerable and I was 100% honest with him, I was always kind of “embarrassed” of where I came from, but Doug loved me unconditionally and it was so refreshing! I love ya Douglas 😉 

Anyways, Steph and AJ shared some traumatic experiences with each other. I was so shocked when he shared his motorcycle accident and his near death experience. That seemed like such a scary moment for him and I can’t even begin to imagine! But AJ shared that learned from that experience to live life to the fullest and it motivated him to take the risk and get married at first sight. 

Keith shared about his dad his past. He told Kristine that  they are distant now and I could kind of relate to Keith. Growing up I never knew who my father was and it was hard, so I know how he’s feeling. Kristine shared that she was engaged before and that he was very controlling. I think this was important for them to talk about and it lead them into talking about their own marriage. She feels like she replaced his grandma and not gonna lie, I can kind of see where she’s coming from. I don’t know, what do you guys think?

I am so so happy for this couple! Luke and Kate headed to Lavallete! And this was the first time Kate actually felt like his wife!! Ahh this is such a huge step for them! His mom seemed to be a bit of a negative nancy, but she quickly turned around and welcomed Kate with open arms! Im definitely going to be talking about this on Unfiltered!

A Not So Traditional Marriage

Kristine and Keith hit the first  little bump in their marriage.  Keith expects her to cook all the meals and Kristine feels like he should help as well! Dr. Jessica stepped in to help that and I love that the experts are always there when ya need ‘em 🙂  He shared that he feels love through food and they compromised on the cooking, so Keith, looks like breakfast is on you lol!

Jasmine and Will went to her aunts house for the night! They were so inviting towards Will and he sees how they helped mold her and why it’s so special to her! Ahh I love it!! 

One Month Anniversaries

Oh my goodness!! Next week the couples hit a HUGE milestone for their marriages… it’s their one month anniversaries!!! I am so excited to see what they hubby’s have up their sleeves.. bring on the romance!! Tune in next week to see how it all plays out 🙂 

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