Married at First Sight: Wedding Day Jitters?!?


Married at First Sight: Wedding Day Jitters?!?

The wedding day is here and my oh my they all look wonderful! I *loved* all of their dresses/suits! This week we only saw 3 of the couples walk down the aisle: Miles & Karen, Brett & Olivia, and Woody & Amani. I would say so far so good and there is a solid 3/3 success rate! Much better than my wedding day to Doug 😛

So Many Tears…

Ok… I think their tears were all nervous/happy/what the heck am I doing tears?! On my wedding day, my tears were “what have I gotten myself into” but I hope that isn’t the case for these couples! I know Karen was SUPER scared about walking down the aisle, and her surprise factor was kind of ruined when someone told her about Miles, but she genuinely seemed relieved when she saw his face and I think she is open to the idea of actually getting to know him. 

I definitely think she shouldn’t judge a person solely by their Instagram, so I am happy she is giving him a chance. I did kinda think it was a double standard of her to say he had too many emotions yet she was crying nonstop…girllllll emotions means that he cares! Miles is a GENTLEMAN! 

Besides Karen crying at the alter, so did Olivia and like Miles, Brett gave Olivia his handkerchief! 😭 Maybe there is hope for him after all! 

And then lastly we saw Woody shed a tear or 2…or 3! I *love* men that wear their heart on their sleeve. It shows real passion and quite frankly it shows a vulnerability that can deepen any relationship! I don’t know who wouldn’t have teared up at that best man’s speech… SO sweet! 🥰 Woody has a whole crew of loved ones looking out for him!

Love at first sight?!

OH LA LA! Do we sense some sexual tension between Woody and Amani?! 😉 I mean, they did kiss at the alter! I wonder how their wedding night is going to play out! The initial attraction isn’t everything (Doug and I are evidence of that), so I hope their personalities mesh too!

Perfect on Paper…

Wowza! Brett and Oliva are absolutely PERFECT one paper! She has that cute ‘nerd’ factor like Derek from last season, and unlike Katie, Brett is SO into it! Plus, they are both obsessed with cats and working out?! I know last week I had some *serious* doubts about Brett and his intentions, but this week I am hopeful! I mean c’mon, they’re even both lefties! 

Another couple that seems perfect on paper is Woody & Amani! I noticed that they are both super direct and kinda blunt which could be good or potentially difficult. I have never seen someone as chill as Amani and boy I’m jealous!! I wish I was less anxious and that relaxed! Woody, keep her close! A chill wife is everything! 

Married at …SECOND Sight?!

OH MY GOSH! You have got to be kidding! Amelia and Bennett have met before?! Not to pick favorites but I absolutely fell in love with the idea of these two last week and I would seriously cry if they don’t make it! These two don’t know how similar and amazing they are! They’re both unapologetically themselves and despite being nervous they were super vocal about having met before. I can’t wait for next week to see what happens to these two!

NEXT week can’t come soon enough and boy oh boy – it is looking intense!

OK, this season I truly have high hopes for all 5 couples. Even though none of them truly are in love at first sight like some couples from past seasons, they all have A LOT of potential! I am soooo nervous to see what happens next week with Amelia & Bennett… but FINGERS CROSSED! I’m dying to hear what you think in the meantime! Chat with me in the comments below!

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