Married At First Sight’s Sam Role: Where Is She Now


Married At First Sight: Where Are They Now

So many of you have asked “Where are they now?” Well, back in July I let you all know that David Norton and Vanessa Nelson will be back on your tv screens as they embark on a new journey to finding love on Married At First Sight: Second Chances. But what about the others? Well, everyone remembers Sam Role from season 3 of Married at First Sight. She was easily pegged the wicked witch from the west when she didn’t immediately fall head over heels in love with her married at first sight husband, Neil Bowlus. Then a few weeks later everyone flipped a switch and began endlessly cheering her on in hopes she and Neil would make their marriage work – that Neil would not divorce her by the end of the experiment.

Spoiler Alert

If you didn’t see season 3 of Married at First Sight then stop reading now and go here to watch it. If you keep reading don’t say I didn’t warn ya about spoilers. 😛

Neil Chose Divorce

By the end, everyone wanted Sam and Neil to work – even Sam wanted Sam and Neil to work – but Neil’s switch apparently doesn’t flip that quick. Neil chose to separate and begin the divorce process at the end of their experiment. (Neil Bowlus and Sam Role were married in June 2015 and were divorced in June of 2016. Sam said that they were actually together on the day they signed the final divorce paperwork in June. They had only used one attorney since Sam didn’t fight the divorce. Actually, she did the complete opposite. She “was still trying to be a good wife” even among the split so she “did her best to take care of everything.”)

To say Sam was completely shocked and devastated is a complete understatement. She immediately jumped out of her seat and bolted up the stairs and out the door with her heels clicking on the floor—partly because she was heartbroken and partly because she was humiliated. She had wanted to stay married.

Sam Role Now

Sam and I met (along with my hubs, Derek Schwartz, and Sonia Granados) for lunch last weekend. The first thing I noticed is that Sam Role is back to her bright and bubbly self. She looks amazing! Her skin is flawless and she looks like she’s lost at least 10 pounds. (Not that she needed to lose weight to begin with!) So what is it with this girl? What happened?


Love Love Love

When I asked her what was going on she casually mentioned she met someone. I was like “Giiiirl, dish!” because no way she was ‘just friends’ while she walks around wearing this new-found glow. Cupid must have come out and shot this girl. She seemed to be so smitten!

Sam Role’s New Love

The guy who has completely stolen Sam’s heart is named Ben. He is studying to be a chiropractor (graduating next year) and works as a bouncer on the weekends. Sam says, “His schooling is quite intense. He has to know a lot about the medical world. It’s like studying to be an MD. I’m proud of him and his accomplishments so far. He’s so passionate about it!”

Apparently this guy is so special he’s already met her mom and Sam plans on bringing him home to meet her pops, Bob. (Who also happens to be a fan favorite from MAFS season 3.) They’re planning a get-together for Thanksgiving!


Fast, But Not Too Fast

Everything looks like it’s smooth sailing but when I asked if they lived together Sam was like “Hold up!” I thought it was a fair enough question since she married a stranger, but looks like Sam is taking more time this go around. They aren’t living together right now, but “if it’s in our cards for the future then I’m sure it will happen.”

How Does Neil Feel About Ben, How Does Ben Feel About Neil

I don’t know about you all, but I was kinda curious how dating after being married (and divorcing) on national television would work? Did Ben watch her on MAFS? If not, how do you explain to a guy that you’re divorced and the whole world knows about your entire marriage? EEK! …It also made me think about Neil. Does Neil know she’s moved on? How does that make him feel?

I guess it is all a bit more intense sounding than it is in actuality. Sam said that Ben didn’t think he had seen her on MAFS, but then later realized that he actually had but it wasn’t that big of a deal. Sam didn’t hide the whole MAFS experience from him. (Smart girl because he’d obviously figure it out sooner or later and more importantly, it is nothing to be ashamed of.) Neil does know about her new relationship and he wishes nothing but the best for her and ‘always has.’ (AWWW!)

“Neil does know [about Ben]. Of course Neil and I are still friends so I’ve been able to talk to him about it and he’s happy for me. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Neil!” (Double AWWW!)

Team Sneil is still just as cute as can be! I am SO happy for Sam and her new found love. Ben’s a cutie and Sam seems to be so, so in love. I am really so excited for her and her new relationship! ….Is it bad if I admit an itty bitty part of me still wishes Sam and Neil had worked it all out? What do you think?

P.S. Did you notice that Ben has a beard like Neil? Remember Neil shaved off his beard before marrying Sam? Maybe he should have kept it after all. Looks like Sam is super into beards. 🙂

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  1. Jamie, marvelous write up. So so happy for Sam!!!!! Ben is so handsome and has his life together and she so deserves that. I think she became a better person from being on MAFS. All my best for continued love and kindness.

  2. Such a well written article Jaime. I am happy to hear about Sams new found love. I have been a fan of mafs since season one. Have rooted for you and Doug , and glad you two stuck it out through all the hardships. Hope the best for you and Doug. Gives me hope that love does conquer all.

  3. We think alike. All those questions and thoughts were things I was thinking of too! Lol happy happy for Sam! Ben is a hottie, so she did good! There is a part of me who still was hoping her and Neil got back together but as long as she’s happy that’s all that’s important. You ask good questions and find out the nitty gritty we all want to know! Luv ya girl! Hope everything is going well for you. ❤️

  4. I so wanted them to get back together off camera down the road, but it wasn’t meant to be. I feel the same way about Vanessa and Tres! I just want everyone to be happy and stay together. Big romantic. Hope we get to hear about the others are up to as time goes on as well.

  5. I’m happy for her too. I was, also, kinda hoping Sam and Neil would work out. Well hope Neil finds someone too

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