Married At First Sight Season 3 Recap

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I’m keeping this Married At First Sight recap short and sweet. It’s as easy as this: Yes, marriage is hard work. No, it shouldn’t always feel like work. True love takes time – it doesn’t happen over night. Or in the three weeks you’ve married a complete stranger. Sorry, I just can’t buy into that.

Yep, It’s been nearly three weeks at this point in the experiment and we’ve seen a whole lot of struggle. There has been so much struggle I can barely smile watching the show sometimes. It is really heart breaking. I think there are opportunities that are missed and adventures that aren’t being explored all because of FEAR. Patience is being tested and nerves are on edge.

That couldn’t be more true for Ashley Doherty and David Norton. Ashley seems to be terrified of everything having do to with opening up and letting her guards down for her Married At First Sight hubs. Many peg her as “icy” and “cold” but her actions aren’t as alarming and “heartless” as you may think. Right or wrong, she is just trying to protect herself. To be honest, it’s kind of understandable. She just dove head first into a whole new family, home, and MARRIAGE. It’s only been 3 weeks, people! This is just a tv show for us, but for them it is the real world and their real life.

If nothing else, I completely respect Ashley for being true to herself and not just saying anything that would make herself look good on TV. Y’all should give her more credit for that. Should she let her guards down more? Yeah, probably. She should have at least given Dr. Logan’s fish bowl a chance? Yeah, that would’ve shown some effort. Should she have at least let him peck her lips when he went in for their first kiss? Well, maybe. If she doesn’t do something to open up a bit they’re definitely never going to work. But her actions and words to him aren’t nearly as alarming as this: David claiming to be falling in love with her. That is the one thing that caught me way off-guard. David said, and I quote: “I feel like I’m falling in love with Ashley. There’s times that I don’t think I like her. But there’s times where I know I’m falling in love with her.”

I just can’t comprehend that. She couldn’t be more clear about how she feels about him. And, I hate to be the one to just boldly, flat out say it – but you guys know to expect that from me anyway, right? – SO, here it goes: There’s no chance in H#!! Ashley is even remotely close to falling for David. She seems to be completely turned off by even being around him – forget letting him touch or kiss her. How could he fall in love with someone who distances herself from him every chance she gets? There’s something I just don’t get.

That being said, I wonder if she is kind of onto something that we as the viewers aren’t catching. It’s so sweet how David is so lovey dovey and mushy gushy towards her NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES. But, let’s be honest, is that real? To go so far as to say that you think you’re in love sounds kind of cray cray to me.

There I said it. It’s what you’re all thinking anyway! Don’t get me wrong, I really like David. I actually really like all of these couples, but that just strikes me as so strange.

"Nothing worth having comes easy."

“Nothing worth having comes easy.”

The L-O-V-E word is brought up, again

Moving onto Mr. Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson. These two love birds are ridiculously adorable. When they have their little bickering it’s just all sorts of sweet and cute. And I love how Vanessa admits that she may fart in her sleep. She’s right – we all do. It’s whatevs.

Tres says that he thinks he may be falling for Vanessa. This is something I can get behind. First of all, you can see the chemistry in these two. Secondly, he says he thinks he could be falling for her. To me, this is just a bit more believable. I think David is just a little ahead of himself…maybe in love with the idea of being in love? (And that’d scare the effin daylights out of me if I were Ashley – my hubs knew to keep that L word hidden until we actually were definitely in love – 6 months later!)


Sam Role and Neil Bowlus are doing swell!!! This relationship is reminding me more and more of Doug and my relationship. So it wasn’t butterflies and rainbows in the beginning, but they’re open to change and communicating. Also, these two show that they definitely listen to the experts and their advice – speaking of – how amazing is Dr. Logan’s fishbowl?! That game should be wrapped up in a box and made available to every couple in the world! (Dr. Logan – let me know when you have this. I will be the first to buy it!)

Sam is MAYBE beginning to fall for her Married At First Sight Hubs. 😉 “Maybe we’ll start holding hands soon,” she said. “But let’s not get crazy.”

These two have definitely shown the most growth. By the end of this episode, Sam and Neil had conquered a pretty major issue: agreeing they’d made a mistake in their choice of home. They talked it out and both agree to move into Sam’s house for the time being. AND {Drum Roll Please} if I’m not mistaken I can see hearts glowing in Sam’s eyes: “I actually don’t think the dumb stuff [Neil] says is dumb … I think it’s funny.” Well, well, well. Someone is having a huge change of heart towards her hubs. I love watching this Married At First Sight journey unfold.

What do you guys think about two of the men saying they’re falling in love by week 3?

Married at First Sight is on FYI tonight at p.m. EST. Doug and I will be tweeting and periscoping LIVE. Leave your comments below and I will chat with you guys soon!




  1. Tiffany 1 year ago Reply

    Simple response, Ashley should not have signed up with her guard up the entire time of the show. Period.

  2. Todd 2 years ago Reply

    Oh and as far as Trey and Vanessa goes, of course their marriage wasn’t gonna work out, she wouldn’t let it. Sheesh, cut the guy some slack Vanessa. How long could any guy keep working at a marriage with their wife second guessing everything they do? Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy. She was so obsessed with her fear of men being unreliable that she eventually chased him off by ignoring 99 his words or deeds that displayed commitment to harp on any 1 that could possibly hint at uncertainty.

    • jamieotis 2 years ago Reply

      I do believe in self-fulfilling prophecies. I really feel for woman who struggle with this. I know I was like that, too.

  3. Todd 2 years ago Reply

    You make some good points, and David definitely moves waaay too fast for his own good in relationships, but as fool-hearted as he may have been to think he was falling in love with Ashley I think he was being completely real about it. Here’s the thing though, I think the way he felt had much less to do with Ashley and much more to do with how badly he wanted his marriage to work. Cray cray as that may be for him to jump in face first, isn’t that what this show is *supposed* to be all about? How much can you blame David for moving too far too fast when the relationship is an arranged marriage to someone he’s never met? The whole point of marrying the couples as opposed to just setting them up on blind dates is so there’s commitment, so they can’t just easily give up on the relationship and find any little reason to walk away. It’s ironic, and sad for the men, that that’s most of the women the experts are choosing are now treating it so much less like a marriage and so much more like a blind date.

    Ashley should never have agreed to go through this process. How could she even imagine she could handle being married to a stranger when she’s got up walls so high she can’t even see over them? It’s painfully obvious that she has a very hard time opening up, and her only chance of overcoming that would’ve been to be matched with someone way out of her league looks-wise. I think a woman as plain and boring as her should’ve been thrilled to end up with a match who wasn’t ugly and was so accepting and offering such to love her so unconditionally. As fool-hearted as David may have been you have to give him credit for his wholehearted optimism, a rare quality to find to his extent. I think they were just on completely different pages expecting different things out of this. David wanted a marriage and was willing to do whatever it took to make it work. Ashley wanted a perfect hunky prince charming and wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. David was looking for any reason to keep going, whereas Ashley was looking for any excuse not to.

    I think most of the women on season 3 and season 4 have been expecting that since this is a TV show the men they’d be matched with would have movie star good looks and don’t wanna settle for anything less. Which is sad, since the men have all had nothing but nice things to say about how their matches looked upon first sight at the altar, despite the fact that none of the women have movie-star looks either. Huge props to you Jamie for being the exception to this rule. You’ve done great with your husband, cause he looks much better now than he did at the wedding. I think at the wedding, no couple has seemed like more of a mismatch in terms of their looks as the two of you did, and yet you showed that by just being willing to keep your mind and heart open that attraction can develop and a marriage like this can be successful. It’s amazing how quick so many of the women on this show are to close themselves off completely. It’s mind-blowing that they are so rigidly picky and thought they wanted to be married to a man they’d never met before.

    Although I think it’s ridiculous to claim to be committed enough for marriage and be willing to decide to divorce after a mere 6 weeks I think Neil deserves a pass for it, since I think Sam was treating him so badly till decision day was getting close just because she thought he was so committed that he’d stick it out anyway, which I think says a lot about the way she would’ve treated him throughout their lives.

    • jamieotis 2 years ago Reply

      Hey Todd. I love your insight! I know you are “supposed” to be all in when marrying a stranger, but it is SO hard when its actually YOU and you’re looking at a complete stranger who is your husband. It’s just tough. I think the key to my relationship was certainly that Doug was SO PATIENT with me … God knows I needed some time to rationalize what I had just done. lol Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really like seeing your perspective!

  4. Lenise 2 years ago Reply

    Yeah I am kind of with the other posters here. Why did Ashley even want to be part of this show? It seems like someone is forcing her to do it, like with death threats or something. Every episode is hard to watch, she just looks so afraid the whole time. WHY did she think that she’d be matched up with someone perfect? Perfect isn’t out there.

    • jamieotis 2 years ago Reply

      I like what you say when you say “perfect isn’t out there” … ain’t that the truth.

  5. Tara 2 years ago Reply

    Great column by the way! Yes, I think Ashley showed no effort what so ever, Guarding herself? A German Shepard I think, would have been more discrete than her performance on the show. But the girl signed up to get married. Protect yourself when you are in downtown Atlanta at 1 am in the morning! Signing up to marry a perfect stranger, without an open mind, was utterly ridiculous.

  6. Kristin 2 years ago Reply

    David & Ashley – I think that these two will make it. It is possible for David to be falling for Ashley. And I think that Ashley DOES have feelings for David and it scares her. She is his opposite on many levels and when she pushes him away, it’s to see how far he’s willing to be pushed and fight back for her. It’s stupid, but it’s what us women do, especially those of us who have been hurt. David is unbelievably patient and if he didn’t have deep feelings for her, he wouldn’t put up with her rejection. I truly think they will make it. They have good stock, good hearts, and the right intentions.

    Neil & Sam – They are my favorite couple. Neil is the perfect companion for Sam, the right balance that she needs. He is her constant, her steady force that will give her life stability and strength. And she is his passion, his fire, his little ball of sparkly glitter. They just fit, in all the right ways, even the way they argue. It’s all wrong, but it’s all right. At the end of the day, they’ll find each other, and love will be there guiding them. They will last forever.

    Trey & Vanessa – I think they will fizzle out. Trey is ready for the long-haul, but Vanessa’s “trust” issues are going to ruin their relationship. She second guesses him all the time, and Trey isn’t going to keep putting up with that. He is committed to her and is trying to prove that, but her attitude is disheartening to him. You can see it on his face. I believe he wants to love her, be in love, and live happily ever after, however, she is making him question that. Guys like Trey need a strong, confident woman that will stand by him and support him.

  7. Costas 2 years ago Reply

    Here’s what people don’t get about marriage. It’s a DECISION, not a whirl. And love is an ACTION, not a feeling.

  8. Amy 2 years ago Reply

    So David is “cray” for saying he thinks he loves his wife after 3 weeks but it’s ok for you to tell your husband on tv that you still have feelings for your ex? Come on…. Ease up on the guy.

  9. Me 2 years ago Reply

    Tres & Vanessa – Well, you have to give each couple a little leeway due to the way the show is produced. However, Vanessa stating what she did about the girl at the party. Does no one pick up on the mean-mug that she gives the girl and how instantly a vibe is cast that she is not welcome. Then she has the audacity to say she doesn’t really feel a connection with the girl. No kidding. We all have our demons and she is entitled to her apprehensions, but she can’t cast judgment on Tres based on her previous experiences.

    Neil & Sam – At least with these two you know what you’re getting. They’ve been pretty open to the process and have shared their struggles. Neil has been very resilient to her admittedly harsh comments to him. He is rolling with the punches and they seem to grow every episode. I like their quirkiness and they seem the most real. Sam needs to chill out a bit, but they are humans and to err is to be human.

    David & Ashley – I was not fond of Ashley at the beginning of this, however she has communicated where she is at. She instead of vocalizing her issues internalized it and in turn was coming across as cold to David as the attraction wasn’t present and she felt trapped. The experts helped open this dialogue, and she has started to grow on me. David however is causing his own defeat, even prior to this text-message fiasco. The experts tell him he needs to be patient and let the friendship grow. Ashley was actually warming up to him on the first date and then he throws all that patience out the window and expresses his annoyance at her not kissing him (that’s hardly patient the day after he said he would be). Then, the expert suggests starting the introduction to his friends off slowly so they can build up to the big get togethers that he enjoys. She expresses continually her timid nature and shyness and how she has to build up to that large social get together. I don’t blame him for the unexpected additional out of town guests, however, I think in every way he has been very self centered. She is introverted and is trying her best to mingle into his social environment. He should have maintained close proximity at minimum checking on her to make sure she’s doing okay. I think highlighting her to his friends and making sure she is comfortable in the uncomfortable setting would have been ideal. If you listen to him describe the experience and this party he uses “I” a whole lot. This is indicative of his inability to think outside himself and his perception of how marriage should be. Ashley definitely needs to open up and make a real effort for this experiment, but what do you call what she was doing at the party?

    Good luck to the couples and I realize I see the side of these people that the producers want me to see, and there is a larger picture than I am privy to. I do have to say that Vanessa’s episode 10 recap gave me a different side of her to take into consideration.

  10. I personally believe it’s possible to fall in love in 3 weeks, if anything if I don’t feel that I’m falling in love by that point I pretty much call it quits. In this situation they are together almost 24/7 it’s like really doubling the weeks from a normal dating situation.

  11. Katt 2 years ago Reply

    Wow! I feel like I’ve been one of few who are seeing Ashley and david this way. I feel like he has an underlying manipulative side, not necessarily malicious, maybe he doesn’t even see it… but it’s there. I’m so disgusted at the publics opinion of Ashley and the mean, hateful, and judgemental things they say about her. And Sam and Neil are my favorite couple too! They are very similar to my boyfriend and me. Much the same way watching you and Doug was. I L O V E Tres and Vanessa. She has many issues to overcome and needs to be more open to not being upset about Tres just being a normal person… we all have the tendency to maybe go get drunk with or family or pals a few times a year or so… I never saw what’s the big deal about a few things, but daaammmmn… if he shot the Love word down like that, I’d be hurt too. When clearly they have that and just aren’t at the admission part yet. I’m totally done watching David and Ashley right now.