Married At First Sight Season 3 Couples


This isn’t the bedroom talk you want.

We are over a month into these Married at First Sight marriages. We’ve got a couple that is shacking up with a roommate, another has a fight where one walks out, and the third one is battling over cheating messages.

Wowzers. Sometimes Doug and I just look at each other and ask “How on earth did we do this?!”

Nort Dawg in the Dog House

Yep, David Norton is in the dog house. Not because he completely disregarded Ashley Doherty’s request to keep their Fourth of July party down to 5-7 guests. (David’s a popular dude – there were like 20 guests.) And it wasn’t because he was off mingling with his friends rather than staying by Ashley’s side. Nope, that’s not why Ashely’s P!SSED. It’s 100X worse. Ashley got a message from a friend – let me rephrase – she got a screenshot from a friend showing David inviting another girl out for drinks.

David claims he just wanted to get to know his wife better. I can think of a zillion ways you can try to get to know your wife better than asking another girl out for drinks.

He said WHAT?
He said WHAT? Click here to find out!

Married At First Sight: Unfiltered

Thank God for Married at First Sight’s NEW show Unfiltered where I can bluntly ask Mr. Norton to explain himself – and he does. Ashley does some talking on this topic, too. Link to the first episode of Unfiltered here. Don’t miss Unfiltered on FYI tonight at 10:15PM EST – right after Married at First Sight! (Shameless plug for the very first TV show I’ve ever hosted! Hard work paying off and dreams coming true right there! WOOT WOOT!)

Back To Our Couples

sam neil mafsSam Role and Neil Bowlus are actually doing a lot better despite their living situation. WOOHOO!  They decided to have their fourth of July BBQ at a local park. The town home shared with the roomie is already crowded with just Neil, could you imagine inviting a bunch of guests over too? I know they didn’t have a lot of options, but I’d never move my new hubby (who I am struggling to get to know) in with my girlfriend roomie. I see those two – the roomie and Neil – getting along and being happy together more than I see Sam and Neil. I mean, did you see how easily and comfortably they were able to talk at their little BBQ? There was more chatting and understanding and smiles and ‘thank you’s’ in a 2 min conversation between the roomie and Neil than I’ve seen all season long between Sam and Neil.

I bet Vanessa Nelson was thinking the same thing I was thinking. She barely let another girl in the same room as her stranger hubby before she just (quietly and calmly) freaked the ef out. Tres Russell invited his best girlfriend, Jenna, over to their fourth of July party saying “It’s good to have girls who, you know, you don’t hook up with.”  Vanessa completely disagrees. She says “I don’t really think that men and women can just be like straight, straight friends. I don’t really have a lot of straight male friends, honestly.”

By the end of the episode Vanessa’s walked out on Tres (who was abandoned by his mom twice previously – ouch!) and come back, Ashley’s confronted David about this message to another girl, and – drum roll please – Sam and Neil are actually doing quite spectacular! Not gonna lie, I’m hoping Sam and Neil keep on keepin’ on! Their quirky, weird ways are just ADORBS! I cannot wait to hear what yall think of tonight’s episode as we watch it unfold.

But first, let’s see what these couples thought of this episode on Married At First Sight: Unfiltered. David and Ashley talk with me about that mysterious message. And you can hear what Vanessa and Tres have to say about their Fourth of July party BUST. Again, Link to the first episode of Unfiltered here.

tres and vanessa

What do you guys think of this situation. Do you think Vanessa overreacted with the whole Jenna thing? Do you think Ashely has a right to be angry about David messaging another woman? Sound off in the comments below!

In Other News

And real fast – my hubs and I are off to SOUTH AFRICA this week! (We are KILLING that Pre-Baby Bucket List…And you know what comes next!) 😉 That being said, No, I will not be tweeting live for the next two weeks. 🙁 No, I will not be periscoping or snapping live. :-/ (Serious FOMO!) But I will be enjoying a much needed private vacation with my Married at First Sight hubby…woot woot! (Every once in a while we do things COMPLETELY privately. There will be no camera crew following us and we won’t be making a Youtube video everyday. This is a much needed R&R.) Thank God for scheduled posts because it allows me to blog in advance. Otherwise I’d have to cancel those too. My hubs deserves my undivided attention as we go explore Africa.

So, please subscribe to my site and you’ll get my email updates and blogs as scheduled! And on that note, you guys should go check out my latest blog from my intern: Jess’ Valentines Day gift guide!

  1. Just a comment to you, Jamie! I would love to see you and Doug do a reality show with Chip and Joanna from Fixer Upper. I think you guys would be hilarious and awesome together!

  2. News to Ashley: you have been checked out of the marriage since you first laid eyes on him at the altar. Stop using this Facebook message as an excuse.

  3. I really like all three couples this season, but I am afraid, only one will make it 🙁 . I just don’t see David & Ashley and Sam & Neil staying married, but at least they try. That’s more than you can say from some of the couples last season 😉 .
    I hope you and Doug will have a wonderful holiday – enjoy it 🙂 .

    1. I really like them all, too! And after meeting them – I can’t say there isn’t one that I dislike. They’re all stand up individuals! 🙂

  4. Dang it Jaime…everytine I get ready to order my necklace you come up with something new!!!! I love the Want to spoon” necklace how ever…..can you make mine alittle differently??? Id like it to hand vertically . Can you do that??? Let me know and I will place my order!!!!
    Also please tell Doug hello for me!!! You two are my favorite couple and I enjoy so much keeping up with you two. Have fun in Africa and enjoy the R & R!!!!!

    1. aww, you’re so sweet! I could make that happen, but it will take a few weeks since we travel to SA the end of this week. I also have a lot more pieces in the pipeline coming soon! 🙂

      Thanks for liking my designs – I put so much hard work into these! Every compliment and purchase means the WORLD to me! 🙂


  5. All of your thoughts are spot on Jamie! I completely thought the same thing with Neil and the roomie being a better match. Have fun on your vacay!

  6. I think men and women CAN be friends. I think someone walking out because her hubby has a female friend says a lot about her insecurity.

    1. Kua – have to disagree. a married man’s “best (girl) friend” should be his wife. sure he has best male friends, but girls should just be friends. i.e. office, church. no wife wants to hear of another women being called her husband’s BFF. it won’t work.

      now if they truly are great friends, well, let’s just say “long time great friend”.

      as for Van walking out, it may have been best. she knows how much she can handle. she knows her boiling point. and she knows her melt down point.

      these guys had only been married a few weeks. and he invites this “bestie”? no way. my husband would have never done that. we were married 36+years. neither one of us ever pulled a stunt like that. you have to THINK people.

      i think Tres’ little stunt was so like high school. get his girl jealous, maybe? it won’t work. this hurt will take awhile to get over, but it can be done. and he should forget about his mother’s abandonment issue right now. that was a long time ago. he has a wife to make happy and live with. remember those VOWS.

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