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Married At First Sight Recap: S3 E4

Will they fall in love?
Will they fall in love?


Honey, I’m home

More like, who’s this stranger sleeping in my bed?! These couples have known each other for about a week in real time (4 in tv time). Imagine moving in with someone who you know is meant to be your lifelong partner, but he/she is really just a stranger. A.W.K.W.A.R.D. Now imagine having to discuss all things finances. (Which, fun fact, is one the top reasons for divorce in America.) Let’s see how our Married At First Sight couples did!

If you're feeling froggy, leap.
If you’re feeling froggy, leap.

Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell

Vanessa Nelson is a very “hopeful” girl. Her biggest concern about Tres is that he is a player, not ready to be married/a husband, and that she’s only seen one side of him so far. News Flash ‘Nessa, it’s only been a week so you are definitely right about one of the three topics above (and I hope you are wrong about everything else!) Of course you’ve only seen one side of Tres. And it’s been a mighty good side. He is simply infatuated with her. She is a bombshell bride and he knows he hit the jackpot with her! But, she hit the jackpot too. Literally. Turns out Tres makes more money than she does… apparently enough to just “blow” $300 bucks a night at the bar. (Ok, him talking about this has me going back and thinkin’ Vanessa may be onto something when she has suspicions that he is a “player.” No chance he was racking up a $300 dollar bar tab for his own spirits.

I’d love to know what kind of salaries nurses and software salesmen have in Atlanta because apparently mortgages are less than $1,000/month ! ! ! Here in New York/New Jersey I pay $1,800/mo to live in a town home. Yes, that is the true cost of my rent each month. No, I do not have a yard – or a pool – or a basement. Douglas, pack your bags. We are moving to Atlanta! 😀



All in all, Tres and Vanessa are just absolutely adorable together. And, when her dog peed first night in their new home I had fond memories come back about my dog, Lady, pooing in Doug’s and my very first apartment together. Others may call this “shitty luck” but I think this is a good sign both for the home and for their relationship. (Pun intended.) 😀 lol

Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson
Beautiful couple.

David Norton and Ashley Doherty

While Tres and Vanessa are gooing and gaaaing over each other, David and Ashley are still having trouble even touching one another. No00, I don’t mean in a sexual way. Geesh guys, get your head out of the gutter. I mean it in like a “hey, how ya doing kind of way.” They don’t hold hands, don’t sit close to each other – as David says “We don’t even touch at all.” While Ashley is adamant that intimacy is going to take time, David is sneaking in his high-fives to get just a touch of his brides hand…What a little sneak! 😉


One thing that I did notice was Ashley’s eyes lit up when David and her talked about finances. She may think David is wrong for her in every other, but when he mentioned he brought home the bacon with a six figure salary Ashley was not unhappy. (Again, what are these jobs in Atlanta? Dougie, we are moving SOUTH!)

They do look quite good together.
They do look quite good together.

I’m so bummed they decided to spend the first night after the honeymoon away from each other. I know it is so tough to dive head in first with a stranger you just married, but I truly believe that it’s kind of a bad omen when you get married and choose to sleep away from each other. Clearly Doug and I didn’t do everything right (what is right when you marry a stranger?) but no matter what the circumstances were, we never went to separate apartments. “It’s starting to hit me right now that maybe my wife doesn’t like me. Being here by myself, I feel defeated.” David said. “It’s disheartening. I don’t know how I’m going to sleep tonight. Maybe that wine will help. I’m starting to think my marriage is in trouble, and I need to figure out a way to save it.” Hearing David say this definitely brought sadness to my eyes. Just a bummer. I really hope they figure it out. I really like them as a couple. I think Ashley just needs time. Us analytical girls need to hash it all out in our heads over and over again to try to make sense of it. (But what I realized is that there is no way to make sense of being Married At First Sight. You just gotta learn to go with the flow. I hope Ashley realizes this too, before it is too late!)

Sam Role and Neil Bowlus 

Sam has taken a complete 180. Ok, maybe not a complete 180, but like a good 90 degree turn for the better! She realized how great of a match Neil is with her. And Neil realized Sam is REALLY into scentsy! Ever since Sam nearly killed them both running head on into on-coming traffic they’ve been on good terms. …Hey, whatever it takes I guess! 😉 lol

sam neil mafs

No, but seriously. Sam and Neil checked each others homes out and I was quite impressed with Neil’s. For a bachelor that was a pretty swanky house! That man has got some swagger…I love that he splurged on a dining room table because he really loved it, but he isn’t snooty and has to have everything fancy. His bed was a hand-me-down. I like his style.

I was just kidding about Doug and I packing our bags and moving south for the salaries. His parents would kill us if we moved that far away. But I am not kidding when I say that I am going to call Sam up and ask for mortgage advice! That girl owns her home and says she saves a HUGE  75% of her income! Doug and I are in the very beginning stages of becoming home owners and it is 100% more confusing than I ever imagined. (And, YES, my husband finally wants to buy a house with me!!! YAY!)

I'd live in a cutesy home like this.
I’d live in a cutesy home like this. Too bad it’s already sold.

Sam is a no B.S. kinda woman. When Neil offered 50/50 she insisted 60/40. Here’s what I love about this: Sam wasn’t scared to say exactly what she needed/wanted out of her husband – even if some would frown upon it. I think it is SO important to be 100% truthful about your expectations and desires even if they seem “shallow” or “outlandish.” Men aren’t mind readers. We have to tell them what we are thinking. If she hadn’t mentioned it she’d have secretly held it inside. It would have built up. And eventually, that could be a HUGE fight later. Smart girl to say exactly what she wants/needs from Neil … and of course he is the ever amazing Neil to roll with the punches. He was happy to agree with the 60/40.

BIG PROBLEM: Sam accuses Neil of acting different off camera. “I feel like I’ve gotten to know a little bit about Neil, but I still don’t know him very well,” she says. “I think sometimes he is behaving this way for cameras.” I guess it could be true that he acts differently, but he doesn’t seem  to be a “fake” kinda guy. I guess we will see!

This week I am in California editing the FINAL draft of my book (due out later this year), so I can’t watch LIVE with you. 🙁 Such a bummer because I truly enjoy it! BUT, I will be following your guys’ tweets to see what I am missing on Married at First Sight. It airs tonight on FYI at 9 p.m. EST. Chat with you tonight!

P.S you guys have got to meet my new friend, Jessica! And, before you go check out what my New Year’s Resolutions are! Let’s hold each other accountable!



  1. So this may seem hokey, but I watch for body language when they give glimpses into decision day. Based on that, the only couple I see staying together is Sam and Neil. They are the only couple sitting close together and holding hands or touching each other. Both Ashley and David and Tres and Vanessa are shown sitting far apart, sitting straight up with no body contact on the decision day. During your season, when they previewed the end, both you and Doug and Cortney and Jason were close, snuggled up, and holding hands. Monet and Vaughn were shown sitting far apart. So it will be interesting to see…that’s for sure!! That’s just my theory!!

    1. I do the same thing! I hope you’re wrong though 😀 I want them all to work. Especially V and T bc they have such cute chemistry!

  2. I think Sam and Neil just may surprise us! I liked her at first, disliked her a LOT and now I am liking her again! Neil is very patient with her and I think she is finally appreciating his calm nature. Of course editing can hide a lot, but I have almost no hope for Ashley and David. Poor David is almost trying too hard. Not that I blame him because she is not trying at all. I can really relate to her needing time to feel comfortable with a person. However I feel like a person who takes that long to show some warmth and human compassion is the wrong type of person for this show! I don’t know what to say about Vanessa and Tres. I love them together and they seem pretty close to perfect. Could they be too good to be true? Can’t wait to find out!!

  3. Jamie, It was a fun read, and seemed accurate. So happy that you and Doug are still happy. You are so right for each other. I’ll have to buy your book, as I love your sense of humor! XOXO!

  4. I have to say that I disagree with Sam’s 60/40 thing. I believe that a marriage is 100/100. I understand that she wants her husband to provide for her but saying that things should be 60/40 I feel is unfair to him and shows that she is not totally in the relationship the way a wife should be. I know everyone has different beliefs and opinions that is just how I feel.

  5. I live in NC and have family that live in NY…you can definitely get a lot more house for your money in the south! I think your in-laws would want to strangle you though if you moved that far away. Ha ha! Hope you have a great time in California! Can’t wait to read the new book!

  6. I feel really bad for David whenever I watch him and Ashley together. I don’t want to judge her but I she’s so stand offish to him and almost cold that it makes me wonder why she even considered doing this type of experiment in the first place – it’s not for everyone. I worry they are going to fail because she isn’t able to even try and put in the effort.

    I loved watching you and Doug work through your issues and put in the effort for those 6 weeks. Viewers could really see the transformation that took place. David seems very much like Doug in the way that he is open and out going and genuine. The difference though between you and Ashley is that by at least your honeymoon viewers could already see your efforts to try and open up and let your guard down. You would talk to Doug (not play on your phone on the car creating a painful silence).

    I really do hope David and Ashley can somehow turn it around and work things out.

  7. I don’t give a relationship much of a chance if people don’t take the experiment seriously enough to spend the night under the same roof. Seems that was the same problem in Season 2 with some. I give you and Doug a lot of credit – you took the experiment seriously and stuck out the 6 weeks together in spite of the lumps and bumps along the way – the rest is history. 😉
    Got your Christmas card – thank you! I rope my husband into watching MAFS. Last week after we watched Married Life and MAFS I whipped out the Christmas card to show him. He was very surprised and said – “That’s kinda cool!” For him that’s very surprised…
    Looking forward to your new book. Love the title! Happy New Year to you and Doug!

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