Married At First Sight: Sneak Peek Into Their Future

This dinner convo is gettin’ serious!! Which couple is in the hot seat?

Married At First Sight: Sneak Peek Into Their Future

It’s a Married at First Sight ROOOOADDDD TRIP!! So I don’t know about you, but I imagined some like super crazy, super fun, feet up on the dashboard, windows down and wind in my hair – kind of road trip! Please tell me you also had this mental picture? I certainly got these vibes this week as the couples celebrated their second honeymoon together. 🙂  Decision day is SO CLOSE, and I’m still rooting for these lovebirds to find happiness together! Traveling with someone is a big deal – so if they can handle that, then I think they can make it through anything, this is definitely a sneak peek into their futures together! You loooove spending hours in the car with me, right Doug? 😉

Before they set out on their journeys, the couples got together for dinner to catch up and check in on one another. I almost feel like Shawniece and Jephte are the elders of the group – so interesting how their roles have changed throughout the experiment! Anyone else agree? I think it’s because they hit many of their trials and tribulations in the beginning and have already learned so much – the other couples seem to be hitting those roadblocks now, causing a bit of hostility at this little family dinner…and it’s only the beginning, my friends. As always – proud of Jon’s honesty, but I couldn’t help but feel the tension between him and Molly. Something just isn’t clicking for them – and I have NO idea why! I think they really could be great together.
After catching up with each other and touching base with the experts, the couples hit the road! (Molly and Jon flew – does that technically count as a road trip?? I’ll let it go — this time. Ha!)


Headed to the Big Apple! There is plenty of time to sit back, relax and chat. Some good conversation happens and even though they have had their struggles, I love seeing these two communicating and getting back on track.They take a carriage ride and are really feeling the romance. So, so cute! I think it’s great that they are taking some time from the craziness of their every day lives to reconnect with one another. ALSO – that delicious breakfast didn’t hurt either! YUM! I think a relaxing trip to NYC was just what the doctor ordered. Happy Wife, Happy Life! 🙂
Not even gonna sugar coat this, I’m happy Ryan put his hobbies aside to make time for his wife. Do you think he’s catching on to how to be a hubby?


I just love these two. I would give anything to join them on that car ride! Their banter is so perfect – just a couple of goofballs! AND OH MY GOSH the wedding video! My heart was MELTING. How sweet was that? Score one for Jephte! He is really bringing on the romance. 🙂
But, things took a turn when they decided to partake in a few outdoor activities…It was sad to see these two get so worked up over the corn maze. Although, I can’t blame them for the frustration. Who likes getting lost in a field of corn? They were probably sooo hungry by the time it was all over…which could have easily been the cause of their argument. Doug – make a note: Let’s skip over the corn maze if we’re ever in Vermont!  No but seriously, I think we all know it wasn’t about Jephte taking over the maze — there’s definitely some underlying concerns that Shawniece needs to express…talk it out, people! Regardless, overall I think these two are on the right track and they’ll work it out. I hope. Woo hoo!


It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions!! Can their second honeymoon spark some romance?!
Jon was clearly upset at their group dinner – but, they were all smiles when arriving in Florida! Just a couple of kids at Universal Studios! I can’t WAIT until Gracie is old enough for amusement parks — I’ll make Doug go on all the scary rides with her. HA! Anyway, I love that these two were just able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Maybe the perfect time for some sparks to fly?
I loved that Molly was able to open up to Jon about her dad and they could share details about their pasts with one another. They had such great conversations this week and hey – Molly even sealed the deal with a kiss! I think Jon was even more surprised than I was. Haha! But as someone who believes in taking things slowly, I totally understand where Molly is with all of this. It’s worth the wait!
These next couple of weeks are going to get a little crazy – I know what it’s like to have decision day right around the corner, and I feel for these couples! As long as they all continue to have open communication about their thoughts and confide in one another, I think they can all come out on top. Definitely still a few kinks to work out – but, anything is possible when it comes to love — plus, we got to see a sneak peek into their futures together! Time will tell, and we’re getting close to the couples reaching an ultimatum – stay together or get divorced?

Ok, that’s all I have for now! I’m off to try to convince Doug we need another Honeymoon…see ya next week!

As always – so excited for next week and to see how theses stories continue to unfold! And as always, I’m tweetin’ live with ya every Tuesday night at 8:30 EST for Married At First Sight: Unfiltered.

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