Married At First Sight: Could A Fight Ruin It All?


Married At First Sight: Could A Fight Ruin It All?

Welcome back, Married At First Sight frans! Have ya had some time to recover after this week’s episode. Holy crap, it was intense! I was totally not prepared for all the fights that went down. How can it go from so happy to so bad in a matter of what seems to be hours? ALL the couples reached their boiling point…but Jon and Molly – Woah! We gotta start with them!


What did Dr. Jessica have to say to Jon and Molly?! These faces … eeeek!
Yikes – after fun roller coaster rides and water slides, these two are NOT in a good place. I honestly was so taken aback by the footage that Jon had captured on his cellphone during their nasty fight, it was hard to pay attention to anything else. Do I think it was right that he recorded Molly and used it against her later —welllll, it was kind of a crappy thing to do, but I suppose I kinda understand why he did it. The whole situation made me feel so, so sad and rather uncomfortable in all honesty. I can’t imagine being caught on camera during my worst moments in life and then having it aired on national television! Oh wait, that did happen with Doug and me during our explosive fight over his lie/cigarette smoking. 🙁 (Pssst internet trolls, speaking to you directly here: we’ve all had bad moments because we are all HUMAN.)
Sometimes the stress of the experiment can take its toll on us. It is not easy, and I do not miss these stressful parts in the slightest! But let’s be honest, this was a very telling moment regarding their relationship – will they ever be able to build that trust back? What would you guys have done in this situation?

Question: Do you think it was a little “below the belt” of Jon to record Molly while fighting and then share it on national television?

Ok, back to Jon and Molly’s Fight

Enter – Dr. Jessica. I do not envy her job at this particular moment. All I could think was – how is she going to pull Molly and Jon out of this one? This is quite the understatement, but gonna throw it out there: things haven’t been ‘ideal’ so far in their relationship and this incident – well, it certainly didn’t help things. Have they even spoken to each other since it all went down?
And needless to say, Dr. J was NOT happy about this one. She had no mercy for Molly. This whole scene was just a lot to handle and I have NO idea where this is gonna go. But regardless, I will always remain hopeful for these couples and their future, so I think Jon and Molly will pull through as long as they remain patient and take it a day at a time. Also, they need to learn to respect each other and stop fighting dirty. Both of ’em. No marriage will last under those conditions!


C’mon how cute is their little family?!

Whooooaaa – Jephte, Jephte, Jephte. Things got heated in the corn maze last week and it didn’t end well this week, either. Eeek! Jephte was upset that Shawneice wasn’t being more patient and Shawniece was frustrated that Jephte wasn’t communicating. I think the stress of decision day I was the big, white elephant in the room. Unfortunately, the argument didn’t end there. On the drive home, they had no choice but to talk about it. Shawniece remained calm, but Jephte let it get a little out of control. The passion is there – that’s for sure.

I can honestly see both sides of the situation here. Do I think Jephte should have let his temper get the best of him? Definitely not…but, that isn’t a side of Jephte that we ever see, so I think maybe the shock factor got us all! You could just tell how much it was hurting Shawniece to feel the disconnect and it was making me so sad! That was not the best way to end what started off as such a great weekend. 🙁

In Walks Dr. Pepper

When Dr. Pepper showed up, I knew that she was going to get to the bottom of it. What started with frustration and emotion and a temporary flee from the scene by Shawniece, ended up as a strong embrace (and possible future knee injury) for these two! I knew they would get through this. I am so happy Jephte decided to take a break from the roses and went with a cute little PUPPY instead! I’m kinda hoping he has to apologize again soon – I wonder what he’ll come up with next! Is that bad? Haha! Bottom line, I am screaming ‘woo hoo!’ for Jephte and Shawniece. If Jephte continues to talk about the problems and not let things bottle up or easily set him off, these two certainly have a strong future ahead. Am I right?!

Side Note: Throughout this whole experiment I feel like Shawniece is like Doug and Jephte and I are SO alike. Watching them reminds me of our experiment. I’ve truly got high hopes for these two!


How could you not have a good time when there’s a naked cowboy singing and dancing in the street? Their trip to NYC was darn near perfect! From the carriage rides to the sweet diary cam messages, overall it was a good day for Ryan & Jackie! Butttt again – I guess I spoke too soon. And again with Ryan wanting to go out (which in this case I totally don’t blame him wanting to make the most of NYC!) and Jackie hoping to stay in, a fight erupted. While it wasn’t caught on camera, we can only imagine what occurred based on Jackie’s emotions. I don’t know what’s worse – Jephte’s explosion or the absolutely silent car ride home for Ryan and Jackie…
Alas! Dr. Pepper to the rescue (again!) to help get these two back on track. It makes me so sad seeing Jackie so emotional. They even threw around the ‘D’ word — and that’s a biggie! But, Ryan continues to stress how much he wants to make this marriage work. They are both more than willing to make changes and push their relationship in the right direction. Jackie seems to begin to lose hope, but with Ryan’s encouragement and support, they are both willing to keep working hard and remaining positive. Neither of them need to even mention the word ‘divorce’- I’m looking at you, Ryan! 😉 Stay strong you guys – this could be the love of your life!


The couples were all over the map this week. Tensions are running at an all time HIGH with decision day looming. There are tests in every relationship – the trick is working your booty off to pass them and come out on top! What do you think is gonna go down next week?

As always – so excited for next week and to see how theses stories continue to unfold! And as always, I’m tweetin’ live with ya every Tuesday night at 8:30 EST for Married At First Sight: Unfiltered.

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