Pregnancy Weight Gain & Fitness Plans

stretchin’ it out

I’m a little over half way done with my pregnancy – 23 weeks! Woot Woot! I am STILL so excited about our gender reveal party! It’s a GIRL!!! 🙂 They say baby girls steal your beauty and boy does that ring true for me! The weight gain this pregnancy has been real. But, I am not giving up on my fitness goals!

Pregnancy Expectations

I had a lot of expectations going into this pregnancy. I wanted to eat uber healthy, exercise at least 5 days a week, and only gain the recommended 25-30 pounds. My sister in law was able to do it, I could do it too!

Well, the first trimester was a bit of a bust. I was SO tired all the time and I had major food aversions. Salads made me wanna vomit … but french toast smothered in peanut butter and doused in real maple syrup was my new best friend. I mean, we partied together!

A recommended, healthy weight gain for the first trimester is between ZERO and five pounds. Well, I wrapped up that first trimester with an extra 12 pounds. Whoops!

Pregnancy Cravings

Now that I am in my second trimester I can stomach salads again, but I still LOVE me some french toast, candy, pastries, cake, ANYTHING sugar! And the cravings don’t end with food. I crave down-time, too. I feel like I need at least 10 hours of sleep otherwise I am a non-functioning zombie.

I’ve been trying to tackle these cravings and kick them in the butt. But, in all honesty I haven’t truly been holding myself accountable. At my latest doc visit I was told I’ve gained 20 pounds already in this pregnancy! WOW! How did this happen?!?! I’m only half way done with my pregnancy and I’ve already gained way more than half of what I am supposed to. Yikes!

I am trying my best at yoga. It always feels like I conquer the pose – until I see the evidence of a completely imbalanced position in a picture. lol. Hey, practices makes perfect, right?!

Pregnancy Fitness

There are a lot of opinions out there about working out and pregnancy. My biggest thing is that I want to be healthy for my baby and I want to be FIT and strong for when I go into labor.

I am a labor and delivery nurse so I’ve seen firsthand how much strength and effort it takes to push a baby out from where the sun doesn’t shine. It’s exhausting, painful, and frankly, if you aren’t in shape then you’re going to have a more difficult time. Not mincing words there.

Working Out While Pregnant

Before I got pregnant I was on the Whole 30 diet and at the gym often. I’d run about 10-15 miles a week. Honestly, I had a bit of personal guilt when I lost my son, Johnathan, so I wanted to be healthy and as strong as possible for my rainbow baby. I continued this routine in the beginning of my first trimester then I kinda began slacking off a bit. Primarily because I was lazy but partially because there are a lot of women out there who scared the bejesus out of me. They said all sorts of things about the dangers of working out while pregnant.

Staying Fit While Pregnant

I am committed to staying strong and healthy for me and my rainbow baby. I know that the first half of my pregnancy was a struggle, but I’m getting back on track (and writing this blog/putting it out into the world is my way of holding myself accountable)! 🙂

I’ve chatted with my doctor (and I always recommend talking to your doc before you change any fitness routine/diet while pregnant) and brought up my main concerns: is working out safe & healthy during pregnancy?

I am SO happy to hear from her that yes, it is actually perfectly fine to work out while pregnant. You’re obviously not allowed to begin training like Hulk Hogan, but maintaining your previous routine is actually recommended.

Actually, even if you had no previous routine it’s STILL recommend to go to the gym and get light cardio/muscle strength training in. Riding a bike, walking on the treadmill, and/or using the elliptical are the recommended cardio machines because they’re more gentle on your joints. And if you think that abdominal work outs are a “no-go,” think again! My doc said that the core strength is great, especially for when I go into labor. (Which I already knew to be true – Hello LONG labors – but I just wanted to double check.) Important tip: avoid lying on your back for long periods of time when your reach your second and third trimesters when working out or even if you’re just lounging/sleeping.

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Planet Fitness

With my hubby and I buying our very first home AND having a baby all at the same time (way to add on the expenses) we really can’t afford fancy trainers and gyms. To be honest, we don’t really need anything “fancy” anyway, We just want a clean, safe, AFFORDABLE gym.

I recently found out that Planet Fitness is offering a new membership sale. New members can join any location from May 1 – 12 for just $5 down (enrollment fee) and $10 a month thereafter, no commitment. So that’s pretty exciting! I researched their website to find my closest club to our new home.

Pretty sure I did conquer this newbie yoga pose. YES! …I’m getting better!

A Few Things I Love About Planet Fitness

• Planet Fitness fosters a “Judgement Free Zone” – a non-intimidating, hassle-free, welcoming environment that makes everyone feel comfortable.
• Planet Fitness caters to “everyday people” – first time or occasional gym users versus fitness fanatics or body builders.
• Many clubs are open and staffed 24/7.
• All clubs have spacious locker rooms you can use.
• Unlimited fitness training is included in all memberships.

Fitness Accountability

I am holding myself accountable to staying healthy for my rainbow baby and me by putting it out into the universe. Fingers crossed I don’t gain more than 20 pounds in the last half of my pregnancy. (Sharing this blog about a 20 pound weight gain definitely encourages me to choose healthier options and get back in the gym.)

If you’re looking to get in shape – pregnant or not – and you need an affordable, friendly, comfortable gym I’d definitely recommend looking into Planet Fitness. They have literally more than a thousand gyms nation wide and thankful they really won’t break the bank. Follow this link if you want to find your closest club.

Good Luck to you — and me! LOL 🙂

If you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks on fitness just let me know. I’d be happy to blog more on this.

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  1. Hi Jamie! Keep up the hard work! The best thing I did with my “fit pregnancy” was finally accept that that baby was going to do whatever he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it – and continues to now that he’s here! He works at his own pace and there’s not much I can do about it but sit back and wonder at his developments. The first trimester knocked the wind out of me for my workouts and I hit a lull. Around 5 months my body agreed to let me start running again and I ran up to 2 weeks before he came (clearly much more modified than my typical runs)! He came 2 weeks early – again, whenever he wanted to!
    I was so concerned about my weight gain with my doctor. Some appointments I would go in and be happy I gained the recommended amount and others I would be sad because I way over gained. It honestly didn’t matter what I did – I was working out the same and eating right at these intervals and sometimes baby just hit a growth spurt from the inside! Staying active will definitely help your body “bounce back”. I can’t say it helped with delivery (sorry, that’s a lot of genetics!) Once I was semi-recovered I was able to get back to it and be in the best shape of my life not even 9 months post-partum. Be kind to and patient with yourself; you’re producing a human being from scratch after all and it’s hard work!! Good luck!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Stop it right now young lady. You are a nurse and know 25 pounds make up the baby, her in belly water world and all that is keeping her secure and fed by her mom. I had odd things that I could and couldn’t eat, yours are chosen by your daughter and current boss of your body.
    Yes, you can do mild exercise. It’s encouraged. If you were a fitness freak before getting in the family way, have at it as long as the baby is cool with it. As it is your very active. Your doing the interviews for MAFS. Your jewelry and skin care. Not sure if your working regular nurse shifts as well. Fatigue is your sweet girls request for rest. You can eat what you and the baby like with portion control. You know that dieting when with child is a big no. Yoga and stretching is grate for you both as long as it’s a class for mommies to be. The weight is odd to you as you are slender. We all end up waddling like ducks by 40 weeks. also just as an FYI, labor does suck. Pushing rocks. I pushed so hard I couldn’t raise my arms for a week. Treat you and Doug to some extra rest as well. Sleep is all about the baby sooner than you think. I am so happy for you all. 🙂

  3. Jamie, I can understand all of your struggles! During my first trimester (I’m 14 weeks) the only things I get sick with healthy foods… broccoli, hard boiled eggs, healthy proteins, etc! I was also an avid runner and over the past 5 weeks just don’t want to get off the couch. I know I need to change too, it is so difficult!! Luckily I haven’t gained any weight yet. Good luck to you and me!

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