Rainbow Baby: Dad’s Have Fear Too


My husband, Doug, asked me if he could share a post on my blog about our rainbow baby. He’s never really asked to do this before so I was honestly a bit surprised. Anyone who has read my book, Wifey 101, knows that he and I have always been our best communicators through writing. Sometime the words come out easier when you don’t have to say them out loud.

I was a bit surprised to read his blog. Truthfully, I didn’t know he was going through so much fear with our second pregnancy. This breaks my heart a little, but I know that together we will get through … and one day we will have our sweet rainbow baby in our arms and all of this will be worth it. 🙂

Doug’s Daddy Blog; Expectations vs. Feelings

Aside from “Congratulations,” people always ask me how it feels to be a daddy … or how does it feel to be an expecting father? To be completely honest, I have no idea. I dont know if I am supposed to feel different, but I dont. Aside from feeling nauseous when Jamie feels nauseous, and feeling tired when Jamie feels tired (true story!), I really dont feel different….Yet?

As happy as I was when Jamie revealed that she was pregnant again, I cannot help myself from feeling cautious with my emotions this time around. To answer the question “How does it feel to be expecting?” Right now…It feels different than last time to me.

I really can’t explain it. I want to be over the moon happy, but it’s really hard. I keep waiting for a moment when it all sinks in and it feels real, but I cannot get the thought of Johnathan out of my head when I start to think about our rainbow baby.

Maybe it’s normal for that to happen—I don’t know? Not many people talk about it. I’m not sure what it will take to feel different—seeing more of a baby bump? A 2nd trimester sonogram? Making it past weeks 17 to 20, etc.?

I know that it’ll come and I know that I will get that moment …the thought of that day is very exciting! But I woud be lying to you, if I tell you that rigt now I feel amazing to be expecting.

What does feel amazing, is being able to take this ride with Jamie, and knowing how excited we both are to be parents. I couldnt imagine going through this with anyone else!

Hopefully we get to continue to share these moments with all of you out there! Maybe #FYI will do a new season documenting our pregnancy on TV.. hint, hint, HINT!! It’s only fair since most of you have been with us since day one! 😉

All jokes aside, I haven’t done any blogs or messages before and this was actually therapeutic in a way. So thank you for listening. And thank you for always supporting us. We really appreciate it.

This makes me tear up a little each time I read it. I feel like I should have my hubby write more because it really is therapeutic (and I had no idea he was going though such inner turmoil). He always shows such a strong face to me. Thank you all for all of your love, PRAYERS, and support. It really does mean the world to us!

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  1. It’s so hard to know what you’re feeling. Loss robs you of all the joys you should be feeling.. Even though my rainbow pregnancy felt different, I was so scared at each appointment that is be told it was over. Again. As I left appointments, I kept thinking, “I made it farther than last time!” Every kick was cherished, every hiccup she had I loved. But yes, knowing how to answer the “how does it feel” question can be very awkward. ❤

  2. Doug,

    What you are feeling is normal. It’s a nervous, cautious, excitement. You can’t be overly excited because you were last time and something went wrong and it tore a hole in your heart. After losing my first pregnancy, I felt that same way for 40 weeks and 4 days. Honestly, that feeling is never going to go away and that is something both you and Jamie share. She may express it differently and when baby starts moving she’ll get many reminders everything is good but you won’t have those reminders. I know it sucks but you will be nervous throughout the ENTIRE pregnancy. Until your baby is in your arms, safe and healthy, you won’t get a break. And I’ll tell ya, after that you don’t get a break either because the nervousness and worry for your children will just manifest itself in different ways for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! Lol. Just have faith and keep staying optimistic! ❤️

  3. I just love reading your blogs. I have been routing for you both since Married at First Sight. It is so nice to see a normal couple go through regular life obstacles and learn from them and survive through it all. I pray every day your baby will be healthy and that your pregnancy will be simple and easy right to the end. Thank you both for sharing your life with people like me.

  4. Love that Doug shared his thoughts and FYI I’d love to see Jamie and Doug back on tv documenting their pregnancy like Doug suggested.

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