Baby Registry Simplified With Gugu Guru

We are 22 weeks pregnant! Yay!!!

We are officially more than halfway done with our pregnancy! I cannot believe how fast this is going. A lot of people have been asking us when we are going to set up our baby registry? Honestly, the very thought of picking out the perfect stroller, crib, bottles, etc. is completely OVERWHELMING. Dreading it is a huge understatement. With this being our first baby, I don’t know anything about baby stuff! Thank goodness I found Gugu Guru to help me out. I can officially say we are registered. (And I can check one thing off our mile long to-do list!)

Baby Registry Panic

Creating a baby registry is the most daunting task when you’re a first time mom and have NO idea about anything baby. I would literally sweat and palpitate – drenched armpits and all – thinking about all the things this baby needs and all of the different options there are out there.

After we found out we were pregnant my hubby, Doug, and I went to a baby store to pick out a little outfit for our kiddo. We were just SO excited to be expecting! We wanted to go into a baby store and look at what they had. That was probably our first mistake as newly expecting parents. Word to the wise: don’t excitedly go “browse” in a baby store because you will leave feeling absolutely unprepared, exhausted and confused!

So, which stroller do you want?

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

We walked through 50 different styles of strollers (literally!!) and 30 different bedroom sets — this may be a slight exaggeration..but not by much! 😛 I just about had a panic attack. My head was literally spinning.

How are we to know what the safest, most reliable stroller is? Glass bottles or plastic? Cloth diapers or disposable? Who knows! Questions like “Should we spend extra on this?” and “Is that really necessary or is it just pretty?” were constantly being thrown back and forth between us. We are absolutely clueless!

Gugu Guru To The Rescue

I am so happy Gugu Guru is around to help first time parents like us out. Last weekend my hubby and I met up with Julie. She is a baby expert who works with Gugu Guru. We met at buybuy BABY and she literally helped us register every single step of the way. We discussed why a certain stroller would be better for my lifestyle as opposed to others. As a nurse, I know a baby sleeping in bed with us is dangerous. But, I’ve never been out to see what options there are for safe bassinets. She showed us different options and shared the pros and cons about each of them. My hubby and I are big travelers. Julie showed us a “high chair” (I think that’s what it’s technically referred to as) that you can attach to any table/counter top so your baby can eat safe and secure wherever you go. These are a few things I just never even thought of.

I could write an endless list about the things I love about Gugu Guru, but here are just a few:

  • Get registered and setup online, from the convenience of your own home
  • An expert Baby Planner helps you create a personalized baby registry (so you get items that you’ll definitely use because they actually fit your lifestyle)
  • Gugu Guru is a universal registry so you can add anything from anywhere – Buy Buy Baby, Etsy, etc.
  • An expert Baby Planner is available to walk through the store with you and answer any questions you have as you register.
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Thank God (literally!) for Gugu Guru and their Baby Expert, Julie. They made this process go from OVERWHELMING to fun and exciting! I feel SO much more prepared now!

Gugu Guru Baby Registry

If you’re looking to cut through the craziness and understand exactly what you need on your baby registry then I definitely recommend Gugu Guru.  They really helped me and my hubby. I am proud to say we now have a complete baby registry for our sweet rainbow baby – check it out here! 

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  1. Hi Jamie and Doug,
    I am delighted that you are having a baby girl. I can just see Jamie and the little girl in matching outfits. And Doug the apple of the little princess.s eye.This sweet little girl will take up time and love. The rest works the best it does. It seems as if Jamie is taking a break from being a nurse and on the path if she wants to nurse the baby. You both are entering a weird wonderful world and will likely be as clueless as my hubby and I were. Take it slow and see what works. I went for disposal diapers. Sorry Mother earth but cloth and plastic pants can lead to horrible diaper rash. Even choosing a brand has it’s ups and downs. Fits best works, trial and error will get you there. Good Luck and enjoy.

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