How I Got my Newborn to SLEEP!!!


How I Got my Newborn to SLEEP!!! 

Sometimes as a mama to a newborn & a toddler I’m like…am I a zombie, or a mom?!?! Because I dunno 🤣

One thing that I *needed* to be different this time around with baby number 2 was more sleep. I’m not gonna lie, I thought getting a newborn baby to sleep 6-8 hours stretches was IMPOSSIBLE, but to my surprise, Hendrix has been a great sleeper! Hallelujah!

Ya wanna know why? Dr. Harvey Karp & his $1,395 invention. That’s why. My new FAV person in the whole world (sorry Doug)…but seriously. This doc invented the SNOO which is the world’s first smart sleeper that boosts a baby’s sleep by imitating the feeling of being in the womb all while they’re swaddled up. You might think $1,395 is a hefty price to pay for a bassinet (you can also rent it for $118/month) and let’s face it, it is. But let me give you ONE good reason why it is SO worth it. 

Mental Health

OK, if I am being honest, the transition from 1 to 2 kiddos has not been easy for me. At my 6 weeks check up I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. I try to look at it all from a positive perspective though, and I can imagine how much worse my mental health would be if I didn’t get long stretches of sleep. I thank God all the time that my sweet boy is very content and sleeps well…

Here’s the thing. 100 years ago, parents truly did have SO much more help. Between cousins, friends, and other mamas, it truly was a whole village! Now mamas are left feeling guilty if they have to ask for help – I don’t even have to tell ya they’re sleep-deprived and exhausted! I can’t even imagine the mamas who have super fussy little ones! 

A lack of sleep leads to a lack of energy and can make PPD even worse. But you don’t have to have PPD to suffer from mental health issues with a lack of sleep. This may sound far-fetched to some, but I genuinely believe the SNOO has been good for mental health! I’d probably be in a loony-bin if I wasn’t getting that 6 hour stretch of sleep by now!

Not your typical Bassinet

At first, when I saw the SNOO I was like…Ok, so what?! It is definitely sleek. It looks way fancier than most bassinets, but that doesn’t make a hefty price tag of $1395 worth it. What makes this bassinet so special and different than other bassinets? 

Now that I’ve used it for myself, allow me to answer my own question: The difference is that it is a high tech baby soothing machine. And when I say high tech I mean HIGH tech! Get this…every time your baby cries, the SNOO responds by gently rocking. If your baby continues to cry it will rock a little more. It simultaneously has a hushing womb-like sound that also increases if the baby cry continues! It is totally like having a baby nanny there helping you rock your baby back to sleep, but far more affordable. Can I get an Amen for that?!? 

So yeah, I definitely recommend the SNOO. It is worth $8 a day for a good night’s sleep & your mental health! If you plan on multiple kids I definitely recommend, but if this is your last baby then I would suggest renting it, which comes out to around $4 a day!. Either way, I think you’ll be super happy you invest in this for you and your baby!

Keepin’ it real

Full disclosure here, I was HUNTING for a bassinet during my pregnancy & when I heard from so many mom friends about the SNOO I reached out to them to see if they’d gift it to me in exchange for an honest review. They gifted it to me and this is my honest review. I am not paid to say the SNOO is heaven sent but I would say that paid or unpaid. I highly recommend this bassinet.

If you want to check out the SNOO I have linked it here for you!

Shop SNOO, the smart bassinet. Get more sleep–and peace of mind that your baby is safe!

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