Tips and Tricks on Potty Training: What to Do and What NOT to DO


Tips and Tricks for Potty Training: What to Do and What NOT to DO

All the essentials that I bought for potty training!! Quick Guide 🙂

Get all the wipeys, treats and potty seats ready because this mama is potty training {again, LOL} soon! For any of you mamas who don’t know where to start or what to get I hope these potty training tips help you out — God knows I could’ve used a guide like this back when I first tried to potty train! 🙂

I heard from so many moms out there that they potty trained their kids in just two or three days! They would say things like, “Oh, my kid was 12 months and it only took two days at home and we were done!”  or “My 18 month old caught on so quick. Kids are so smart!”. ….Meanwhile, I tried for a week — twice! — and my girl was still pooping on floors and peeing in her pants on day 7. What was I doing wrong?

I really thought my daughter, Gracie, was “ready.” She was showing most of the “signs” they say come with a kiddo who is ready for potty training. I figured if she could force a toot out on-demand, maybe she could force a poop out on-demand, too. That’s what most potty training guide books say. But boy was I wrong. She wasn’t ready and neither was I.

Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train

  • Uncomfortable in a soiled diaper.
  • Telling you their diaper is wet or they pooped.
  • Hiding to pee or poop.
  • Wanting to “go” on the potty or showing any interest in the potty.
  • Watching you go on the potty.
  • Keeping a dry diaper for longer periods in between wet diapers.
  • Waking up from sleeping with a dry diaper.
  • Telling you when they have to go potty or telling you right after they just went in their diaper.

Potty Training: Do It When You and Your kiddo are Ready

I heard about all those mamas who were able to potty train their one-year-olds and I gotta be honest, I wanted my daughter to be potty trained “early” too. I was confident she was “smart” enough and since diapers aren’t cheap I figured it could save us some money. Well, that may be true, but good-God potty training an 18-month-old and then a 23-month-old didn’t save me from any headaches. I was trying to rush my kiddo into potty training, but why?

This time around, I’m waiting for literally every single sign before I begin to potty train. I’m not going to push her before she’s ready… or before I’m ready.  I recently read the book Oh, Crap! Potty Training and the one take away that I want to share with you is that you *truly* have to commit to it — for what the book said was just a week (turns out it may be longer) — otherwise, you and your kiddo are hopping on the frustration train! And lemme tell ya, it’s a crappy ride.

All puns aside, as ya can see potty training isn’t for the faint of heart! I’ve tried TWICE and while some may think I failed (and maybe the old me would’ve been too embarrassed to admit these “failures” aloud), I’ve come to learn that nothing in life makes you a failure if you genuinely learned something from it. And, wow! I learned a lot!

One of the first things I learned is that preparation prior to beginning to potty train is key. You gotta get all the supplies in order. You can buy the expensive bells and whistles or you can go right to Walmart and load up on ALL the necessities for half the cost. This time around that’s what I did. It’s way more affordable and I’m sure it’ll be just as effective!

The Absolute Necessities For Potty Training

  1. I did it before and I’m doing it again… CANDY! The first time we tried potty training I gave Gracie no rewards. The second time we gave it a go, I gave her a little m&m after she went to the bathroom on the potty and that was *super* successful. Gracie loves the candy and I love the fact that she’s one step closer to being out of diapers. haha!

*Total side note, but speaking of diapers — I just discovered this Parent’s Choice brand of premium diapers.  They were independently accredited as skin safe by the sin health alliance. They’re great for sensitive skin, free from chlorine bleach or any fragrances, they hold  ALL the pee and poo for up to 12 hours and they are a GREAT value! No joke, I paid $20 bucks for the big case! So until I can say sayonara to diapers, I’m buying these for Gracie.
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2. Okay, you all know that little plastic potty seat we put on the adult toilet so their little tooshies don’t fall through? Well initially, I had one of the hard plastic ones, but her bottom would get so red and sore. No joke, she would sit there for hours and hours trying to go pee-pee on the potty. So this time around, I picked up a plush potty seat from Parent’s Choice! It’s cushioned and fits right on your toilet so their little bums won’t get sore. I think my hubby Doug wants one for himself — no joke — haha! It’s like $10 which is way less expensive than any other cushion potty seat I could find anywhere!
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3. Flushable wipes!! Babies need ’em, toddlers need ’em, even adults need ’em! This is definitely a MUST have for potty training. I picked up the Parent’s Choice ones because they’re fragrance-free and septic safe. P.S. I had no clue, but Parent’s Choice is celebrating 20 years in Walmart!! I get why. They have such amazing value for quality products!
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4. A step stool! I got two of these bad boys and I keep one at the potty and the other one at the sink. When they got to go, they gotta go. I like it because Gracie can just step right up to the potty herself, and she loves to wash her hands afterward… the bubbles get her every time lol! I love this step stool because it has the non-slip grips so when she’s in a hurry, no accidents happen…forgive me for all my puns! I can’t help myself. 🙂
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5. When your kid has a poop explosion (we’ve had plenty) and you have to go straight into the tub, ya gotta have the body wash handy. Chances are if you are beginning to potty train you probably already have body wash (at least I hope so) but I figured I’d share the one we love over in our house. It’s by HelloBello which was created Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell and it’s amazing because it’s plant-derived, nontoxic and she LOVES the bubble bath! click to shop!

6. And finally, when you’re on the go and you need to keep your hands clean, I highly recommend throwing this hand sanitizer in your purse or diaper bag. I keep one in both my diaper bag and my purse because you can never have enough hand sanitizer with a toddler! Click to shop!

Potty Training Guide

Ok, here we go! All the tips I’ve learned to put into practice while potty training after “failing” to potty train twice.

  1. Clear a whole week of your schedule. Seriously. You don’t want to leave your house during this time because you want to prevent putting diapers on your kiddo and obvs they can’t be trusted to keep their big girl undies dry yet. I don’t know what it takes to clean poo and pee out of a car seat but that seems like no fun at all! I can smell it now. Ew!
  2. Let your kiddo be naked from the waist down. Keep a potty close by at all times. I don’t recommend hanging out on your favorite sofa or your expensive rugs, either. I’d stay in the kitchen/bathroom area or outside if it’s warm — any place that can be cleaned up easily because trust me on this one, you’re going to have a lot of accidents. And that’s ok. But this tip will make it easier on you for the clean up. 🙂
  3. The minute she dribbles let her know she is going pee pee (this helps them recognize the feeling). Then quickly put them on the potty. If they go any pee in the potty show her accomplishment and give lots and lots of praise. Or you could give an m&m. I do both.
  4. Poop is a whole other ball game. It’s a stinkier one, but it’s the same exact concept as pee. The moment they start to go you have to kinda catch them in the act and let them know they are going poop. If you’re able to get your kiddo on the potty so some of it lands in the toilet, show them the poop in the toilet and let them know that is where it belongs. And the most important step is to give them high praise and/or a m&m for making it in the potty. I think positive reinforcement goes a long way when it comes to most everything in life, especially potty training. Believe it or not, your toddler wants to make you happy. (I know some days that is hard to believe. Lol.)

I will definitely be sure to keep you updated once we do start potty training, my goal is to have Gracie out of diapers before baby number two comes… and I think we can do it!! Potty training shouldn’t have to break the bank, which is why I chose to go with Parent’s Choice because they’re quality products at an affordable price. Alrighty mamas, wish us luck!! And good luck to any of you out there trying to potty train right now, YOU. GOT. THIS! P.S. I am not too proud to accept any of your tips/tricks! If you have some system that truly works, please let me know! 🙂
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