Soaking Up Memories Before Our Party of 3 Turns to 4!


Soaking Up Memories Before Our Party of 3 Turns to 4!

We spent the weekend in New York Citayy and boy was it a blast! It was so nice to spend a little staycation with just the three of us–my aunt on my dad’s side joined us too– before Gracie becomes a big sissy! It was so nice spending quality time with my Aunt Louann because she’s the closest living link to my dad.

Curious!! Do you think we look alike?!

We spent two nights at The Pierre and I felt so lucky to stay there!! Fun fact this hotel was actually home to Elizabeth Taylor and Tori Burch! How cool! The staff were so friendly and down to earth. As soon as we arrived Gracie was welcomed with a little stuffed penguin and mama and dada were greeted with chocolate-covered strawberries-yum!!

Our first night we went out to dinner at the Perrine and oh my goodness, the food was to DIE for!! I could seriously eat there every night it was THAT good.

Doug, Gracie and I spent ALL day in our robes (I just about melted inside when I saw they had a baby robe, how freakin’ cute) and when we weren’t in our robes, we walked on over to Central Park because it was right across the street! Gracie’s favorite part was definitely the squirrels-haha, it’s the little things in life!

Total side note but I seriously wish I could pack up that bathroom and transport it to my house, it was fit for a queen!! Gracie loved it too, she found her thrown in the sink (if you saw my stories you’d know lol!). I definitely cannot wait to go back there with two little ones next year!

They also have tons of super fun activities for your kiddos right in NYC! From Halloween at The Pierre to Thanksgiving Dinner to Tea with Santa, there’s always a festive event to be a part of! I *cannot* wait to go next year with our two little babes and see their faces light up!

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay at in Manhattan, highly, highly, highly recommend The Pierre 🙂  I promise you will feel like the king/queen that you are after your stay there 😉

Ps if you want to see the FULL experience definitely head on over to our Youtube page, I’ll put the link here, I promise it will make you smile 🙂




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