Nurses Week: Honoring Nurses Everywhere


Nurses Week: Honoring Nurses Everywhere

Nursing isn’t just a career, it’s a calling. Being a medical professional – especially a nurse – requires so much passion and care. It’s a profession that deserves a full year (but I guess we’ll take a week) 😉 dedicated to honoring those who selflessly sit by your grandma’s bedside holding her hand and comforting her as she takes her last breath, those who leave their own sick kids to help yours, and those who spend every moment at work giving all the love, care, and compassion they have to any stranger they’re assigned when they walk in the door.

I am so proud to be a nurse. I teamed up with BAYADA Home Health Care to honor nurses everywhere during Nurse’s Week.

I’ve made it my mission to reach out to every nurse I can to tell ‘em “thank you.” I want to thank you for inspiring me when I was just a nursing student. I learned all of my skills from those hardworking nurses before me and I am still learning from you more seasoned nurses! I also want to thank the nursing students who are working harder than ever crackin’ the books in order to spend their life helping make others happier and healthier!

BAYADA: Home Health Care Nursing

I’m not gonna lie, nursing isn’t always pretty. There are times when you’re elbow-deep in blood and bodily fluids that smell so bad you think you’re going to black out and faint. (True story: this happened to me when I was a new nurse debriding the black, necrotic skin off an infected leg wound. I literally almost fainted.)

BUT, there’s a reason us nurses keep going back to work to do it all over again: our patients.

There’s something so special about creating a bond and relationship with your patient. As a labor and delivery nurse I can personally attest to this, but I feel like home health care nurses understand this better than anyone because they’re literally in their patients’ homes at the bedside, in the schools and senior living facilities day in and day out caring for their patients.
My mom was a home health care nurse assistant for a few years when I was growing up. She would always beam with pride when she came home from work. She really grew to love her patients like her own family.

That’s the thing about being a home health care nurse, you really get to know your patients and create a bond with them. You become as close as family.

Nursing Shortage Crisis

It’s no secret that there’s a huge shortage of nurses here in America. We can debate the reasons why until we’re blue in the face: not enough nursing schools and training facilities; nurses are leaving their jobs because of low job satisfaction and because they don’t feel they’re appreciated, etc. But one thing that needs no debating is the increasing demand for nurses, especially in-home health care.

Home Health Care, Give It A Try

If you’re in the mindset for a change—whether you’d like to give home health care a try by taking on some extra shifts, or if you’re burnt out and ready for a new working environment where you will be wildly appreciated and become part of the family, you should consider home health care. Specifically, you should consider BAYADA and I’ll tell you why: BAYADA has “The BAYADA Way,” which is rooted in the philosophy that clients come first, employees are their most valued resource, and everyone – patient and clinician alike—should be treated with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

I’m partnering with them this Nurses Week because BAYADA puts their nurses first and their clinicians love what they do.

I wanted to share with you the opportunity to join BAYADA in case you’re burnt out and looking for change. BAYADA was honored with a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award as a winner of the Best Places to Work in 2018 – proof that the company goes above and beyond for its nurses. 🙂

Visit BAYADA to learn more about the other ways the team takes care of nurses like you.

Happy Nurses Week to all my fellow nurses! You’re all AMAZING! 🙂


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