Happy Baby Carrier Review


I read that wearing your baby in a baby carrier is a great way to free your hands. Ever since we brought our baby girl, Henley Grace, home from the hospital she has liked to be held. Henley just turned two months old! Geesh, I can’t believe how fast time flies!

One thing I know for sure, my girl definitely loves feeling close to her momma — and I can’t say that I mind. 🙂 Of course I’d love to snuggle on the couch all day, but there are stacks of dirty dishes in the sink & loads of laundry piling up.

For the first month I definitely spent all my time cozied up with my girl, but I realized real quick that those dishes ain’t gonna wash themselves. So, I attempted to give this baby wearing thing a shot. I gotta tell ya – I LOVE my new Happy Baby Carrier.

Bonding with my baby girl while doing the dishes. Feeling like a super mom!

Happy Baby Carrier Review

There are lots of different baby carrier options out there. Carriers aren’t cheap either. Before investing money into anything I always check the reviews to see what other mommas find works best. When I pulled up the Happy Baby Carrier site, I immediately noticed it has nearly a five star (it has 4.9 stars) review.

I knew I needed a carrier that would make my baby girl feel snug and secure, wouldn’t hurt my shoulders or back, and would free up both of my hands so I could do other things. It seemed like the Happy Baby Carrier was perfect!

The Benefits of the Happy Baby Carrier

There is a long list of “benefits” that come with the Happy Baby Carrier, but to me the absolute best benefit of this carrier is the fact that you can discretely nurse your baby while wearing it. I am exclusively breastfeeding so between nursing, burping, changing diapers, and rocking my baby back to sleep the whole day slips away before I know it. With this Happy Baby Carrier I can nurse, burp, and rock/walk around with her right in it – with both of my hands free. It really helps me be able to get more done throughout the day! And it is a really light fabric so we don’t get too hot while I’m wearing her.

You can’t tell, but I am nursing my baby in this photo. I think it’s amazing that I can feed her while wearing her and no one has to even know. Clearly my hubby thinks it’s pretty awesome too. haha.

Some More Happy Baby Carrier Benefits:

– Fully adjustable so it expands as your baby grows
– 30-50% lighter than others
– Comfortably worn by moms with cesarean incisions
– Upright position helps reduce colic/acid reflux
– Luxurious linen gets softer with use
– Ergonomically supports newborn to 45 lbs – no infant insert needed!
– Hidden pocket carries sun cover with room for extra storage
– Folds down compactly to fit in a diaper bag


If I find I like something a lot I always ask for a discount code for my Frans. I partnered with Happy Baby Carrier to give you guys a discount. Use code ‘JAMIE10’ for 10% off your order at HappyBabyWrap.com. I got the carrier in “flax,” but they have lots of colors to choose from. 🙂 Let me know how you like it!

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