Spouse House: Spoiler Alert – Another Couple Engaged

Chris. Is it just me or does he look like Nick Lachey?!

We come back in this episode right where we left off: with Chris making a huge decision. He has to decide whether or not he wants to leave the Spouse House with Missy so that they can see what their relationship looks and feels like in the real world.

And a lot of people were completely shocked by the fact that he chose to leave…including the other couples in the house!

None of them really understand their relationship— but it looks like they get each other just fine. And that’s all that really matters, right? I really wish them all the best back in Chicago!

Spouse House Full Of Surprises

But wait…there are more surprises before the engagement ceremony is over. We see Tom still questioning his relationship with Ashley Lauren and Ashley K throwing jabs back at Ashley Lauren while Kelli Jo gets her heartbroken when Jimmy chooses not to propose. He says he loves KJ, but he needs more time.

What is going to happen??!!

Anxiously waiting on the edge of my seat!


Later in the house, we see just how frustrated KJ is over Jimmy’s refusal to propose, and I really feel for her. They were so close to an engagement and I know his change of heart is really making her question EVERYTHING.

He just asked her father for her hand in marriage, for Pete’s sake!

But, instead of coming to his senses, we see him start to move even further away from KJ…right into the arms of none other than…Ashley K!

This does not go over well…

Another Love Triangle?

Ashley K is flirting and trying to explore a relationship with Jimmy and all the while, KJ is feeling more and more like things are unraveling in her relationship— and rightfully so! I don’t think anyone could take this lightly. This is a man she thought she was going to marry just yesterday.

It’s easy to see how this situation spiraled out of both of their control. KJ now feels like she’s second best…AGAIN…and then, that night, Jimmy says the dreaded words:

“I completely fell out of love with you.”

First of all, how can you fall in and out of love so quickly?! This triggers an even more intense set of emotions and their fight rages on to the point of them actually breaking up and Jimmy saying, “This is over.”

Kiss & Make up

But then, thankfully, the next day…they make up. And I’m so happy that they have such a solid foundation that helps them get back on the right track so quickly. They both admit to their mistakes…and it’s SO inspiring. I can’t stress enough that communication is KEY in any relationship.

Crossing my fingers – and toes – for these lovebirds!

Meanwhile. other couples in the house go through their own set of issues.

Welcome to the Spouse House!

Agree To Disagree?

At the mention of the term “Exploratory Marriage,” Isabella starts to retreat from Darren. She admits that she’s been in controlling relationships in the past, and I really think that it’s causing her to project that onto him, in spite of their obvious connection. Their fight in the kitchen really concerns me because I think it was rooted in misunderstanding, and I really hope they can get on the same page soon because I really see sparks here! I need to know where this could go!

Then, Ashley Lauren and Tom get into yet ANOTHER fight and I really start to wonder if these two will be able to handle being married to one another. I can’t really pinpoint the issue when they’re constantly fighting over little things like, “Who bought the hummus for who?” but I hope they can find a resolution quick…we only have four more weeks!

One couple that has had NO trouble connecting, whatsoever, is Tracy and Jeff. I literally smile every time I see these guys. They were both instantly attracted to each other and they’re in that lovey-dovey, can’t-keep-my-hands-off-of-you phase…don’t you LOVE that part??! I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for them…(Just between us, I think I sense an engagement creeping up on us!)

Ok, well…not so fast…

Jimmy Boy


Jimmy and Kelli Jo are up first!

When he dropped down on one knee and proposed to KJ in front of everyone, I nearly died of excitement. This was such a genuinely sweet moment that it literally almost made my heart jump out of my chest!

I LOVE love…and this is turning out to be one of the most amazing love stories. (I’m not crying…there’s just something in my eye, I swear!)

Love Birds. Kelli Jo and Jimmy.

BUT…will Tom interject and try to reclaim Kelli Jo at this point in the game? All I can say is…never underestimate the green-eyed monster. Watch your back, Jimmy!

Guys, I’m so hooked on this show! I cannot wait until tonight!! It’s on TLC at 10pm! Who’s going to be tweeting with me?

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