New Show: The Spouse House

Welcome to the Spouse House! …Not too shabby, eh?!

Ok, guys … I’ve been a bit out of commission for blogging. Preparing for a baby takes more work than I ever imagined. (Well, that is when you start a new job, move into a new home, AND try having everything all unpacked & set up before the kiddo arrives!)

I haven’t been watching a lot of TV, but this new show on TLC has me hooked. It’s called The Spouse House and it features 14 singles who enter the house single, but hope to come out married! I don’t know if my heart can take this, but I had to take to the blog again to see what you guys are thinking about the show so far!

So let’s play a little catch up, guys. Last week at the Spouse house: it left off on what looked to be Chris’ proposal to Bri being interrupted by Missy! Talk about a cliffhanger! Did NOT see that one coming.

But before that, we saw Tom connect with both Kelli Jo AND Ashley Lauren. Whoo! I don’t know about you guys, but the fact that there are, not one but, TWO love triangles in the house and we’re only on the second episode makes me sweat a little.

We also saw a little chemistry between Danny and Naya, which is so adorable. And then, things started to get real with the possibility of some engagements happening at the beginning of this episode…so…

Let’s go!


O.M.G. You literally could’ve picked my jaw up off the floor when Missy interrupted Chris’ proposal to Brianne! I mean…really?

This is INTENSE! She’s not playing around! But you know, she’s kind of right. You have to show up with a purpose and do what you have to do to get that ring.

You gotta admit…there’s nothing else like this on TV…and I was on The Bachelor AND married a stranger!! I can tell already that this is gonna be a nail-biter for sure!

When Chris all of a sudden changes his mind, my heart hurts for Bri. I know she’s furious and heartbroken all at once.

And to add insult to injury, there’s an eviction that still has to happen!!


Meet Missy!


This girl is coming full-speed, engines gunning! In the scene by the pool, she literally juggles three guys: Danny, Chris and Jimmy.

“I have three guys on my appetizer plate,” she says.

My thoughts while watching this: ‘Ok, well show us how it’s done.’

I’m clearly off the market, but a girl can admire another woman’s tenacity and technique, right?

So, first up…Danny isn’t interested in anyone but Naya….STRIKE.

Jimmy says she’s too bossy…STRIKE.

And that leaves Chris…and I’m starting to wonder…could there be something there? He seems to like the lathering of the sun screen. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying Missy, period. But we’ll have to wait and see where this goes because I can’t help but think about poor Bri. I really think she likes him.

And speaking of love triangles…here’s one for you.

This tough guy is Tom!


Tom seems to be extremely confused.

He loves how he and Ashley Lauren look on paper. But Kelli Jo makes him feel something. You guys know me…I’m alllllll about the feels, so I’m not really sure what to tell you, buddy. Follow your heart and make a decision because you don’t want BOTH of them to turn on you.

Remember…you have to be paired up to stay in the house!

(Can you tell that these eliminations are the most nerve-wracking element of this show for me? Yikes!)

Spouse House PLOT TWIST

OK, speaking of eliminations…two people were eliminated this week. So that means two more people are coming in!

Meet Sandra and Jake!

I feel like this is a real turning point…because….who are these two about to go after? Could it be somebody that’s already matched up?? I’m thinking we should hold on tight and expect the unexpected!

Now, onto…


Is it too early for a couple name mashup? No? Good, because watching Danny get all worked up over Naya spending time with Jake is a pretty sure sign that he’s smitten!

I think it’s super sweet and I especially love the way they work things out by just communicating and coming to an understanding! So sweet. Could there be an engagement on the way??? I’m no gambling girl, but I’d kinda be willing to put a wager on this one.

But all the feels aside… the mood between Tom, Kelli Jo and Ashley Lauren is the complete opposite of what we just saw with “Dan-Naya” (I have a feeling that name’s gonna stick! Just watch)… but anyway…

Jimmy Boy


So that same night, we can see that Jimmy so clearly wants to be with Kelli Jo. And the one thing standing in the way of them exploring a connection is…you guessed it…Tom!

But that all comes to a screeching halt when Tom decides that he wants to be with Ashley Lauren. I feel for Kelli Jo because she feels like she’s coming in second best. I can definitely relate to her believing that other people are always better. It hurts to think that, but it’s just not true. You can’t focus on who puts you in second place. Your future is with the one who always put you first. I have a feeling that Kelli Jo is going through this situation now so that she can find her soul mate later. Here’s hoping! Hang in there, girl!

As for Ashley Lauren and Tom— I’m actually happy to see you guys getting on stable ground and choosing to be exclusive. I think that’ll make for a smoother ride for everybody involved.


Ok, remember the equation from earlier? BRI + CHRIS + MISSY = AWKWARD? Well, now add Tom to the mix and things really start to get uncomfortable. Later on, in the kitchen, Tom and Ashley Lauren see how distraught Bri is about Chris’ relationship with Missy and they try to intervene. Spoiler alert: it does NOT go well. Chris is kind of combative while Bri is visibly upset by the whole thing. And I can definitely understand where Bri is coming from. She doesn’t want to share Chris with Missy.

She asks, “When is the time when you focus on one person?”

To me, that’s a valid question— and the fact that Chris can’t make a decision is speaking volumes. Could Missy win this battle?

Well, we’ll definitely see because it’s time for another engagement ceremony/elimination round…AKA “Nail biting time!’


Guys, even though I told YOU all to expect the unexpected, I have to admit…I almost fell off my chair when Albert chose Ashley Lauren to propose to at the end of the episode. I think Tom and I were in the same boat because the look on his face was sheer SHOCK…with a little TERROR mixed in.

This is going way left…and fast!

And then…he looks at her…she looks at him…

…dramatic music…and then…

…the credits start to roll!

Darn it, we’re on the hook until next week.

I cannot take the stress the Spouse House is givin’ me!

Boy, I don’t think I knew what I was getting myself into when I started this series.

As I write, I’m still in shock a little bit so I’ll leave it up to you. What did you think of this week’s episode? What do you think is going to happen tonight? Will Ashley Lauren accept Albert’s proposal? It’s on TLC at 1/9 central.

One last thing …

Look at this pool! Gahhh, I am in LOVE.

Is this a show you think you’d into watching? Let me know in the comments! I’ll be watching tonight! 🙂

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