Married At First Sight: Bus Life for One Wife

Tom and Lilly. These two love birds can't get enough of each other.
Tom and Lilly. These two love birds can’t get enough of each other.

OK, before I dive into my recap, I am happy to announce that we will FINALLY get to see Lillian Vilchez’s reaction when she finds out her new husband, Tom Wilson, lives on a bus in tonight’s Married At First Sight. (Every week for like the last three weeks I thought he’d tell her – and he has yet to tell her….until now….) I am literally biting my nails in anxiety just thinking about this!

And now for the recap of what went down last week on Married At First Sight

I think it’s fair to say that Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz have had the rockiest start of all couples. I’ve been waiting for the “Aww, I knew they’d turn around!” moment, but it hasn’t happened yet.

The morning after their epic blowout fight on night one of their honeymoon, the couple sit down for a seemingly nice breakfast. But just as Derek said, it was totally just a “fake” nice. Nonetheless, both Heather and Derek put their differences aside and head out to enjoy the rest of their honeymoon…surfing.

Here’s a little tip for all newlyweds who want their new hubby/wifey’s whole attention on their honeymoon: don’t partake in extracurricular activities that involve fit, tan, practically naked instructors. Not a good idea. I mean, c’mon, you’d have to be head over heels, blindly in love in order to resist a peek. And if you’re Heather and Derek you’re barely even friends, let alone in love. This has ‘jealous disaster’ written all over it.

I thought their nasty fight on the balcony was bad, but woah, I had no idea it could get worse with these two. After they spend the day surfing with a cute and flirty surf instructor, they head to explore caves. At this point, Derek is about to explode. But Heather doesn’t have any idea how Derek is feeling; she’s having the best day. Heather tells the camera she’s having so much fun with Derek surfing.

The bomb drops while they’re exploring the caves. Derek accuses Heather of flirting with the surf instructor. He points out that the surf instructor is getting more action than he is. (Heather was holding hands and running in the water with cute surfer dude…meanwhile she hasn’t even touched Derek. No judgement from me though, I am so guilty of not wanting my stranger hubby to touch me when we were first married.)

Derek and Heather in the cave of doom.
Derek and Heather in the cave.

“You’re just doing your own thing and rubbing bugs off of the surf instructor!” Derek yelled at his bride, who was clearly so annoyed of Derek’s jealousy. Derek continues to the camera, “I’m just her bottom priority in every situation.” Heather fights back, “I feel like I’m talking to an emotional teenage girl right now!”

And if that isn’t bad enough, here comes the worst! While Heather is admitting their relationship is “gnarly,” Derek begins by saying, “I’m very well aware of the fact that not everyone’s going to be attracted to me.” What he says after nearly knocked me off my seat! “She’s not really my type either. Heather’s no spring chicken. You know, they say men age like wine, and women age like milk. She’s 32 years old. In dog years, she’s 180 or whatever, so you do the math, and I don’t know, she’s not attracted to me.”

Umm, Derek, my respect dropped significantly for you. I get you’re hurt, but this is way below the belt. I’m disappointed in you.

Since Heather never heard Derek calling her a dog to her face, she goes to dinner with him. A whole new side of Heather comes out. She begins encouraging Derek to drink and drink and drink more. Heather is almost even flirty with him. Obviously Derek happily exclaims this is the friendliest she’d ever been with him.

What a rollercoaster of emotion with these two! Derek is right, these two really are like oil and water. They’ve both said/done some not nice things. But, when the tension is high we’ve all said and done things we regret. I don’t even know how to prepare myself for tonight. …But, imagine if they turn this whole thing around and laugh about it all later. I know, I know – I am such a hopeless romantic…but it could happen!

Sneak peek into tonight's episode of Married At First Sight. Doesn't look happy for Sonia.
Sneak peek into tonight’s episode of Married At First Sight. Doesn’t look happy for Sonia.

In other news, Sonia Granados and Nick Pendergrast continue to take their relationship S.L.O.W. They spend their honeymoon doing the most FUN activities — kite surfing, ATV riding, and salsa dancing. This quirky duo seem to be doing well, but Sonia remains certain that Nick doesn’t find her attractive. She was hoping the dancing would bring them closer together, but there was no spark. No chemistry at all. (Little does she know Nick was just super uncomfortable dancing because he doesn’t think he’s very good at it. He was thinking Sonia looked so sexy the whole time, but he failed to mention that to her.) Aww, these two are so quirky and cute! I love watching their love story.

Back to Tom and Lilly

I’ve never seen a couple be more compatible and seemingly more in love in the history of Married At First Sight. These two seem to be head over heels — completely smitten! I don’t even understand it. My brain can’t comprehend how these two could go from complete strangers to blissful newlyweds in literally minutes.  But, it’s happening. Just as the hopeless romantic side of me waits for Derek and Heather to have their moment of realization that they could actually be a great pair, the realistic side of me waits for Tom and Lilly to have a moment that isn’t fairy-tale like. I mean their whole relationship thus far has been all rainbows and butterflies. That isn’t quite real life for me. I am excited to see how these two do in REAL life.

Tonight is the night real life hits our sweet newlyweds on Married at First Sight. I don’t know how I would react if I heard my new hubby lives on a bus. I am curious to see how Lilly reacts. We shall see!

If you get your weekly scoop on these couples from Married At First Sight: Unfiltered, but haven’t seen last week’s episode yet – worry not! I added the video so you don;t have to go searching for it. You’re welcome. 🙂


I want to hear from you! Do you think Heather & Derek will spark a romance? How do you think Lilly will react to Tom’s bus?

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  1. I’m almost 100% sure that Lilly & Tom are going to make the perfect match!! And as sure that Derek and Heather are doomed for failure, sadly. They do not have any chemistry but oil and water and she is sooooooooooo controlling and Derek is not a Doug with patience unfortunately. Sonia and Nick have a good chance if he will open up and do more communicating. One of the experts should take him aside and tell him all he needs to do is tell her what he thinks but never says to her. She feels left out now with the dogs and is so unsure of his feelings and if he’s attracted to her she may back away. So that’s my take since last night though I’d like to see them ALL make it, I think of the 3 couples Derek and Heather will NOT be staying married. I could be wrong but that’s the impression I get more each week from them. 🙁

    1. Girl, I hear you with Lilly and Tom. They are seriously so cute and adorable. I don’t know about Heather and Derek – they don’t seem to fight fair at all. Hopefully respect will grow between them otherwise I agree with you – they’re doomed for failure. 🙁

  2. Being married to someone you chose and are in love with is tough so marrying a stranger would make it that much more awkward and harder. I wish the couples did not even think divorce was an option. They all wanted love and to be married, I wish they would just say, “I made this commitment and I am going to work through this no matter what,” but I understand that is probably much easier said than done. With regards to Heather and Derek, I still have hope. I think the biggest thing is neither of them know how to properly communicate. Learning how to PROPERLY communicate is huge. Once I learned how to do this with my husband it has made a HUGE difference in our marriage and relationship. I think if they both can figure it out I think there is still hope. He found her attractive and she has never said she was not attracted to him, but rather has stated that she knows he is more attracted to her than she is to him, which is ok. She has said that she understands that love can grow and attraction can to. I believe these all to be positive comments. She is still engaged too. I know someone mentioned Ashley, but Ashley NEVER participated in any of the recommended exercises and such while she has. I believe if these two could stop the name calling, focus on their feelings and how the other one makes them feel with their actions, and properly communicate that they have a chance to survive. I am hoping they do as I am supportive of all marriages working. Sonia and Nick are a cute couple. He is so introvert though it would drive me nuts! I think they will grow over time to be a great couple, if they both work hard at it. They both seem to be low- key and I think would do well together in the long run. I think they are still learning how the other operates and once Sonia can see how Nick operates she may learn that his love language is not filled with vocal “you are beautiful” type of comments, but rather with actions. Once you learn how the other operates you can see love in so many different types of ways than just the verbal “I love you!” It is crazy to see how Tom and Lily are so into each other. I am not sure I could be that affectionate with someone I just met, but everyone is different. They talk about how comfortable they are with each other and that makes a difference. I did not see the episode last night, but my guess is she will ultimately be ok with it. I think it is kind of cool in a way. I think it would be a GREAT way to set themselves in an awesome financial position. No rent means they can save like crazy for a while and then be able to maybe compromise on a house that works for both of them and be in a place where they can put a lot of money down. I think from a financial standpoint it is a great thing. I do believe it would be hard to get used to living in such a small space, but once the adjustment is made I don’t think it would be a bad thing at all. I know tiny house living is on the rise now too! Plus, as a couple with no kids, it is again a greater starter and a way to place yourself into an awesome financial position. I am really hopeful for these two as well!

    1. It’s still strange to me that Doug and I did everything backwards. Our most chemistry wasn’t at the beginning of our relationship – it’s now. And it grows and grows. I never even knew that could happen. In our culture it’s “Butterflies and chemistry” first … but maybe friendship & commitment first is best? I don’t know, but that worked for Doug and me. 🙂

  3. I think that although Lilly may be shocked to see this, she seems very down to earth. I think she will be accepting of him and his life and I think they are so open and honest with each other – such a good match! Sonia and Nick are taking it slow but they seem to be working well together. I really think if they are patient and get to know each other it will turn into a great romance! Nick is so sweet and cute! I am struggling hard to watch Derek and Heather. I feel like they are both to blame for their current status. Heather seems unwilling to compromise and cannot get past simple flaws (she is looking for Mr. Perfect which doesn’t exist for anyone!). Derek is quick to get upset and walks away from their issues rather than address them. It drives me crazy to watch! I hope they can turn things around but I have to say, I am skeptical.

  4. Love Tom and Lilly, living in a bus will be a shock but not a,deal breaker. Nick reminds me of my husband when I first met him. He was so quiet and introverted, he couldn’t even carry a,pack of toilet paper in the store without turning red! She realizes he’s introverted and asked questions without a yes or no answer, BINGO! They will be fine. Derek and Heather have a pretty deep hole to climb out of in a very short period of time. Not lookin goid for them.

  5. I think that it is near impossible that Derek and Heather will make it. They couldn’t even suck it up to become friends on their honeymoon. The marriage never stood a chance.
    Tom and lily. Think she’s going to for shocked when he tells her but I think she’s going to expect a more glamorous bus so will not have a positive reaction when she sees it. However I think she is already so into Yom that they will work it out and eventually she will find them a house.
    Sonia and Nick. I think they will stay together but he is moving at a snails pace in the romance dept. needs to step it up

  6. Heather and Derek: Heather tries talking to Derek and he won’t listen. Every time she tries to explain how she feels, he resorts to name calling and pointing out what she’s doing wrong but never wants to discuss or admit what he’s doing wrong. At first, I was totally on Derek’s side but the more I watch of him, the more I don’t like him. I agree with Heather, he’s acting like a teenage girl. I really don’t see them getting through the 6 weeks, let alone forever.
    Nick and Sonia: I think they’ll get it figured out eventually if Sonia gets over her insecurities and Nick opens up and lets her know how he feels about her. Sonia needs to quit competing with him and trying to out do him. It’s apparent he’s shy and introverted and her pointing out that she beats him in the activities they do will only cause him to withdraw more. Nick needs to be built up, not be beat out by his wife. Sonia’s going to have get over her fear and learn to love Nick’s dogs, because they’re not going anywhere.
    Tom and Lilly: They’re living in La la land. I’m happy they’re so happy with each other but issues will arise when they start living normal everyday life. She sells real estate, of course she’ll want to buy a house, she sees the value of building equity. It would be extremely difficult for her to agree to live in Tom’s bus. (forever?) How do you raise a family in a bus? Tom wants to protect his assets and asks her to sign a post nuptial agreement. He should have thought about that prior to being “married at first sight”. Maybe they’ll overcome the differences that will arise, I hope so but I see some difficult times ahead. Hopefully they remain head over heals in love and are able to overcome.

    1. SO far Tom and Lilly have surprisingly handled all situations so rationally and so respectfully. They’re beyond sweet and adorable. 🙂 I LOVE sonia and Nick, too. THey’re so weird and awkward and I LOVE it! 🙂

  7. As far as Heather and Derek, I feel there is just no hope. It is very clear that they are just not into each other. As for Lily and Tom, I have high hopes for them. I think they have really bonded in a short time and I feel they will be able to overcome any obstacles. Love is definitely in the air. As for Sonia and Nick, I love them both, I feel they can make it work. They are both mature and want love and marriage. Sonia and Nick can build a solid relationship.

  8. I really hope Tom and Lilly make it. I think she will be perfectly fine with the bus. She is not materialistic. I tell my husband all of the time I would live with him in a cardboard box if that meant we were together. Our house does not make our marriage happy, we make our marriage happy. Nick and Sonia are developing a friendship and have mutual respect for each other. If she can hold out until she can watch the show and see it is just really a struggle for him to share how he feels they just might make it. Derek and Heather………. well it just really pays to not be judgmental and try to pick everything apart. Sit back and get to know each other. Neither one of them look like they would be impossible to live with. Compromise and respect are huge in a marriage.

  9. Btw…I am SO excited to see that you will be on Home & Family this Friday! You have the perfect personality for TV and I have my fingers crossed that one day you will be hosting a show of your own or co-hosting a show like Home & Family. All of your MAFS fans would be so happy!

  10. I think all 3 couples make it this season. Derek & Heather genuinely wanted to find soul mates & are both good peopl I think so if they focus on each other in the right way they can turn it around. Nick & Sonia are just too cute and Lilly & Tom will have some major life style hurdles but I think they can get through it! Love your blog Jamie & your honesty & openess in your book… You have the best in-laws ever sweet girl!

  11. I believe Heather thinks she married beneath her. She acts like one of those girls,who thinks she can get anyone she wants, and usually can, at first. When they pull back the curtain, all they see is,the Crypt Keeper, ugly to the bone. I seriously doubt they’ll make it. She has some serious mirror cleaning to do.

    1. …Marrying a stranger can be very eye-opening in so many ways…I hope Heather and Derek can both open their eyes and see the good in each other. 🙂 xoxo

  12. I am biting my nails with ya!! I have such a bad feeling that Derek & Heather are going to be this seasons David & Ashley. The only difference I see is that at this point it feels like both of them have given up. I hope they can turn this around, but with all of the insults that have been thrown around I feel like it may be too late. I feel for Sonia b/c I know how it feels to be self conscious and how important it is to hear that you’re beautiful from your hubby, thankfully mine tells me a lot 🙂 But I can see that poor Nick is shy as can be so I hope they find a way to communicate. Lilly & Tom…..omg the bus!! I’m on pins and needles to see her reaction! Fingers crossed that she is her usual graceful self!

    1. haha, me too!!! I have a weird feeling Lilly will probably be ok though…she is so calm and relaxed through this all. (Way better than I ever was!) haha

  13. I can’t help but hope for them all. I’m a champion of marriages succeeding and thoroughly enjoy a good redemptive/come-back story. I’ll admit that Nick and Sonia are my favorite and I really hope they make it. I can very well relate to Nick’s introversion so I can’t help but root for him/his marriage to thrive. Plus, he and Sonia both seem so sweet.

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