Introducing The Jamie Otis™ Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace


Wear your Spoon Theory "Spoonie" necklace for the strength to say 'Yes' to what you must do and the wisdom to say 'No' to the ones you just can't.
Wear your Spoon Theory “Spoonie” necklace for the strength to say ‘Yes’ to what you must do and the wisdom to say ‘No’ to the things you just can’t.


Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace

Since Jamie Otis™ jewelry pre-launched in 2015, there have been hundreds of requests for a “spoonie” spoon theory necklace. As a matter of fact, my very first customer (Shout out to Erin Johnson!) said she purchased her Spoon Me necklace not for the symbol of spooning with her love, but because she was a spoonie practicing the spoon theory. What on earth is a spoonie and what’s this “spoon theory” she claimed to follow?

spoon theory spoon

The Spoon Theory Explains How People With Chronic Illnesses Ration Energy

I decided to do a little research on this spoon theory. I was curious what being a spoonie meant to these people who suffer with pain and fatigue on a daily basis. This is what I found: A person with chronic illness who is following the spoon theory starts the day with a certain number of spoons. Each spoon represents a burst of energy. On any given day spoonies use their allotted number of spoons to prioritize tasks. (Tasks as simple as showering and getting dressed to cooking and cleaning: each require a spoon.) When the spoons run out she/he will have no more energy left.

The spoon theory was developed by a woman named Christine Miserandino who was just trying to explain her daily struggles keeping up due to her chronic illness. Christine looks “normal” but she suffers from pain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and a whole slew of other aches and ailments every day. Since she doesn’t look “sick” she was having difficulty explaining to her family and friends.

spoon theory

Being a nurse I was really inspired by the spoon theory. I wanted to extend my love of spooning to all of you spoonies out there. I made this spoon specifically for you. This spoon theory “spoonie” necklace is meant to symbolize your strength, but it is also meant to serve as a reminder that it is OK to say “no” because you just don’t have enough spoons in one day. Learn more about my Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace by clicking here.

Wear this Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace for the strength to say “Yes” to everything you must do AND for the strength to know it is ok to say “No” to the extras you just don’t have the energy for. Let This Spoon Theory “Spoonie” Necklace be a reminder to you and those who see you wearing it that you only have so many spoons in a day and you’re using them wisely.

Get your Spoon Theory ‘Spoonie” Necklace NOW by clicking here!

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