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Someone Got SEXAY

Woah, Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson are really getting close – I mean skin close. These two are Married At First Sight’s SEXAY couple! And they had their first SEXAY time, too! Tres couldn’t look any happier when he admitted, errr BOASTED with boy-like glee “We consummated the F^%K out of our marriage! …I’ll high-five myself.” I’m going to guess he was pleased with their first time getting kinky between the sheets.

Hubba, Hubba. These two getting cozy.
Hubba, Hubba. These two are getting cozy.

Father’s Day Fun

You’re sadly mistaken if you think when you get married you’re just marrying one person. Nope, you’re marrying into a whole family! SO, when it’s Father’s day and you barely know your FIL, too bad. You vowed for better or for worse. But when you don’t even hang with your father it can be a bit strange. Vanessa mentions she doesn’t typically celebrate Father’s day because she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. (Girl, I get it!)

But Vanessa was awesome in welcoming her FIL over and wanting to get to know him. The beginning of Father’s Day was going great: good food, good company, and good drinks. But apparently the drinks were a bit too good for Tres. Vanessa found her new hubs passed out drunk as a skunk. Um, not attractive at all. I would have had the same unpleased reaction as Vanessa. Women want men who can have fun without getting sloshed on the holidays!

This isn't the bedroom talk you want.
This isn’t the bedroom talk you want.

Father’s Day Struggles

It’s seriously difficult to watch Ashley Doherty and David Norton struggle together as a married couple. It’s like these two just can’t get on the same page. Anytime David seeks attention from Ashley it seems she gets scared and pulls away. I battle with thinking he should just give her a few days alone to adjust. But then I think, oh no, if he stops trying to get her attention he may lose what little bit he already has. Hmm. These two are tough.

This doesn't look super inviting either.
This doesn’t look super inviting either.

And what was really tough was their first Father’s Day. Like Vanessa (and TONS of other kids in this world with absent fathers – what’s up with men neglecting their children?!) Ashley doesn’t have a relationship with her father. But what’s worse is David did have a great relationship with his father, but he passed away a few years ago. When Ashley asked David why he was being grumpy David snapped back “Oh, God, because my dad died! I hate today!” Then he stormed out of the room. Ashley, completely shocked by his sudden outburst, went over and consoled him. For God. It was the first time I saw a light at the end of the tunnel for them.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

You’d think Momma coming over and pulling out sweet home videos would bring them even closer together. Nope. Ashley just got so overwhelmed by it all and pleaded with David to keep the mood light. Later, when David tried asking Ashley about how she was feeling, she practically begged him to “just talk about light stuff.” A frustrated David snapped again, “I’m asking you for 15 minutes of conversation before we go to bed or you go study.” Ashley just shrugged. “I’m not just going to let you avoid it.”

But David didn’t have a choice, she politely gave him the boot so she could study for an upcoming test. These two are having some serious trouble connecting. And if the day couldn’t get any sadder it ends with David looking into the camera “If this was one of my friends and I was giving advice to my friend, I’d say, ‘Man she’s not digging you. Take a hint.'”

I want to root for all the couples, but I am beginning to lose all hope in this couple. 🙁

So, What’s Up With Neil and Sam on Father’s Day?

Neil Bowlus and Sam Role have had such a rocky relationship with Sam questioning whether or not Neil was genuine on camera. She boldly tells Neil that she prefers the Neil she knows off camera who isn’t so politically correct. Frustrated, Neil shouts “What are you talking about?”

Neil is beyond frustrated.
Neil is beyond frustrated.

This is a topic that I think deserves a bit of attention. Imagine marrying a complete stranger. Now, if that’s not strange enough, imagine having big, bulky cameras swarming around you as you try your best to be normal and get to know your new spouse. It’s all a bit overwhelming. This may attribute to Ashley feeling so overwhelmed and Neil admitting that he talks to the camera the way he would speak to his grandma.

Sam isn't any more pleased than Neil is.
Sam isn’t any more pleased than Neil is.

Dr. Pepper To The Rescue

Seriously, thank God for these experts. Dr. Pepper (life-saver for me and my hubs, too) stops in to chat with the newlyweds. Sam didn’t say much about her honeymoon other than it was “long.” Neil didn’t say much other than he felt like he was being constantly disrespected by Sam. Womp, womp.
Somehow Dr. Pepper has a way with couples. It seems she can counsel them to happiness every time. By the time Dr. Pepper left Sam and Neil were doing okay.

They're at their wits end but listening to what Dr. Pepper has to say. Next step: apply it to your lives and you two will be A-ok! ;-)
They’re at their wits end but listening to what Dr. Pepper has to say. Next step: apply it to your lives and you two will be A-ok! 😉

Neil and Sam’s Dad

These two are cute. They get along very well. Hey, if you can’t have fun with your wife why not have fun with her dad? Neil and Sam’s dad go to the gun range to practice shooting. “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people?” Neil asked as he prepared for his outing with a laugh. Oh boy did these guys bond! Neil says he “loves” him already and even considers him a “father figure.” Aww, so sweet!
My good friend Emily Miller would love this! She is so pr0-gun. Neil, if you wanna bond further with your FIL buy Emily’s book, Emily Gets Her Gun: …But Obama Wants to Take Yours. Just have that lying around randomly and I guarantee you will get some brownie points from your FIL. 😉

What do you guys think of the couples? Do you think there is hope for Ashley and David?! Tonight I will be ABSENT from twitter. That’s right! I’m sorry, but my hubs and I haven’t seen each other in a week! I’ve been in LA finishing my book and you cannot imagine how much I miss him and my pup! We have DATE NIGHT planned (without social media) and I cannot wait!!! I will still blog my recap next week though!

Thanks for understanding!





  1. Just subscribe to your site today and looking forward to finding your youtube channel you referred to. I’m such a fan of MAFS. Excited about all the platforms your exploring! I’m a nurse as well so we tend to be persistent about accomplishing the task at hand so GODluck#

  2. Thanks Jamie, for sharing with us , you given me insight into the struggles and trumps of each MAFS Couple I have to agree with you that I see NO HOPE with Ashley and David but I hope the other two couples make it . I see the most hope in my favorite couple Tres and Vanessa but I heard that they may not make it. I also hope that Neil and Sam make it but the final episode preview shows Sam crying as she says if Neil Divorces me, I Deserve it. Sam realized her feelings for him TOO LATE ! Tres unemotional face and Vanessa looked upset as she played with her wedding ring as she debating weather to take off her ring so we will see how they do but I am a little hopeful for them. Jamie I remember you doing the SAME THING and you STAYED WITH YOUR HUSBAND so let’s hope the same thing happens with them .

  3. You are so so cute!!! XOXO I didn’t get far enough down the recap on my phone to see the book plug. Thank you so much, my sweet friend.

    Now onto serious stuff.. I don’t know why those experts put David and Nurse together- they don’t mesh at all. Why won’t she just give him a chance? She’s not even polite.

    Vanessa and Trey are adorbs. I agree that drunk adult men are unattractive but he’s going to get domesticated by her pretty quickly. Also, I don’t know understand why Trey was raised by aunts if he has a father. They need to explain that one.

    Neil and Sam. I don’t see it AT ALL. I can’t figure out why they were put together. Though Dr. Pepper says they have a good chance. But if I could marry anyone in this season, it would be Sam’s gun toting, patriot dad!!! Loved the shooting range scene.

    Now when are you and I going shooting? Tell Doug!

    Love you. EM

  4. Kind of disappointed that you posted this information about the book. I wasn’t looking for political statements when reading your blog. That is a really provocative thing to do. I know that this is your blog and you can write whatever you want, but I was a little surprised.

  5. I am trying to understand Ashley and each week she just seems more and more unhappy. I think she just does not feel any connection to David and is trying to be polite about it. Unfortunately it seems like she is just cold and unfeeling. I have a lot of hope for the other two couples 🙂

    1. I feel for Ashley because you can’t force feelings .. on the other hand I feel for David too because I fear he wants it so bad that he will be crushed when it isn’t working.

      1. agreed, the whole boots and all attitude that David has to things, that is going to be his undoing here….Ashley is a very sweet and caring person, she takes time to get into her groove, and if she just isnt feeling it, she isnt…you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the bugger drink. Going in for the kiss on the ferris wheel in that way….that screamed desperation to me. Don’t get me wrong i like all the guys (couldn’t say the same last season or even the first, sorry Vaughn you lost me at 3somes) and i hope that those that don’t work out here take it on the chin and move on (i don’t want to see no dramatic headlines afterwards thanks)

  6. Vanessa and Tre seem make a strong couple. I wish Ashley would be more vulnerable however not being in her shoes you can’t really ask that. I feel bad for David. For the life of me I can’t understand Sam. As for Neil if it is a show on the camera and a different person off the camera that isn’t right. I would love to see all the couples have a successful marriage but I only see Tre and Vanessa staying Married.

    Wishing you Doug and Lady a Happy and Healthy 2016 from your neighbor in Manalapan, NJ!

  7. Great summary Jamie!
    I am feeling very badly for David who seems to be striking out despite his constant attempts. At this point, I feel he has no options other than to endure the remainder of the 6 weeks and move on. Sometimes it just can’t work, nothing wrong with walking away and move towards healing.
    I have hopes for the other two couples, they are salvageable.

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