Married At First Sight Wedded Bliss! (Errr, Not?)


Married At First Sight Season 3 Weddings

They (barely) did it!

Pre-Wedding Jitters Got Me Like…

These women agreed to get married at first sight to a complete stranger based on scientific matchmaking. It sounded like it could be a fairytale and oh, so magical…

Ashley. She doesn’t look scared at all.
Sam. Yep, she's about to pass out.
Sam. Yep, she’s about to pass out.
Vanessa. Just breathe, girl.
Vanessa. Just breathe, girl.

Meet Your Husband

Last week’s Married At First Sight began with Tres and Vanessa. (My memory is bad, too. If you need a reminder on couples click here.) I am STILL gushing with love and excitement and happiness for this couple! I mean, he proposed to her right before marrying her. Awww! {Insert heart-eyed emoji here. And where is the snapchat hearts flowing for bloggers? Someone create an app for this so I can properly document my gushing over this couple!}


There is one thing I must say about this couple after having done this whole experiment myself: I find it a bit strange how they are so easily able to be SO intimate, SO quickly. They were kissing and lovin’ on each other almost instantaneously. I mean, guys, picture meeting a stranger at the altar, getting hitched immediately, and then locking lips with this stranger hubby every chance you get – in front of your whole family. Eeek! Am I the only one who finds that odd??? Don’t get me wrong, it makes for great TV and a very romantic wedding (I definitely have fallen in LOVE with them!) but I just don’t understand how one can be that vulnerable and open up that quickly?

You may kiss the bride..and that he did!
You may now kiss the bride..and that he did!
And again...
And again..

I guess I don’t get it because for me it wasn’t that easy…And it wasn’t for a lack of wanting it, either. The whole two weeks before my wedding I daydreamed about all of the chemistry and electricity that would pulse through my body the moment my eyes met my future husbands. He’d be standing at the end of the aisle and I’d gracefully walk towards him with cupid dancing around me. I wanted LOVE at first sight. But it was literally impossible.

The day of our wedding the cold, hard truth came crashing down. No matter how much magic was created with the dress, the veil, and the flowers the reality was that I could barely look at the dude standing at the altar on the other end of the aisle – he was a complete stranger. Any whimsical thoughts I had were immediately replaced with:”OH NO! What have I done?!” I felt doomed. I promised I would legally marry him and spend the rest of my life with him…but that was because I expected something different. All of the butterflies and fairies I had counted on attending my Married At First Sight wedding completely BAILED ON ME! I couldn’t even try and pretend to have a “romantic” wedding because I could barely wrap my head around the fact that I just went through with a scientifically arranged

And again!
And again!

marriage – who does that?!

At the end of the day, I chalked our lack of “electricity and sparks flying” up to being in REAL LIFE…and the fact that I just married a complete stranger. But, who knows, after watching Vanessa and Tres I am beginning to wonder if maybe fairytales do exist?! It might just take the right two people. (I’ve never been very good at romance anyway.) If these two stay married I will become a believer in fairytales again. I’m keeping my fingers AND toes crossed for them!


Sam’s reaction while being Married At First Sight to Neil is more of my anticipated reaction, but she is getting a lot of hack. Some say she’s being overly “goofy” and “quirky” during their wedding. Umm, hello! Did we already forget that she just married a stranger. Sure, she is giving high fives at the altar, but she just met the guy. What do you expect her to do??? And, clearly her cracking jokes every ten seconds is just her way to stay sane in a completely insane environment. At least she is trying to have fun. I don’t know why everyone expects a “normal” reaction when everything they are doing is completely abnormal. To me, Sam’s reaction is more ‘normal’ than Vanessa’s and Tres’.

Some brides choose to kiss their groom. Others just high five him. 😀

Sam finally broke down when she mentioned her grandma during her speech – that’s when I knew this girl and all her silly jokes were just a coping mechanism. The way Neil stood by her side to comfort her during her speech was so, so sweet. I mean, what a great man. This couple may be the underdog now, but I have a feeling they’re going to realize how fitting they really are for each other. I just hope Sam’s brother isn’t right when he says Sam may be too much for Neil…?

“Neil may be a stranger, but I can tell he is such a caring guy.” -Sam

“There’s always a Jamie”

Poor Ashley. She has been pegged as “The Jamie” of Married At First Sight season

They look like such a happy couple. My oh my, pictures can be very deceiving.
They look like such a happy couple. My oh my, pictures can be very deceiving.

3. Apparently everyone thinks there is always someone who has my pitiful reaction each season. First it was Jaclyn and now it is Ashley. I think the reason this happens is because us women have our expectations way too high. We want all the magic, fairytales, romance, and love – and we want it all NOW. We build up this image in our head of what the “perfect” guy/relationship is … and then when he/it is standing right in front of us we can’t even see it!

They look even happier here. Inside Ashley is cringing and David is like "uhh, I dont know what to do!" lol
They look even happier here. Inside Ashley is cringing and David is like “uhh, I don’t know what to do!” lol

I completely understand Ashley’s hesitation (and un-attractraction) at her wedding with David. Funny part is, I think David is very handsome. So many people say they don’t know how she can’t see how awesome he is?! Let me remind you guys, we as the viewers know more about David than his new wife does on their wedding day. Give her time to get over her nerves and fear. When the dust settles she will be able to take a step back and get to know David. Hopefully she will begin to see David the way we see him now. But, she has to let her guards down and be open to this whole experiment. And that’s a lot easier said than done! That whole fairytale thing, yeah, that doesn’t work for everyone! (Fingers AND toes still crossed for Vanessa and Tres! :-D)

Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Big question of the night: who will be getting frisky? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t imagine sleeping with my stranger hubby the first night – wedding night or not! I mean, what if it all goes wrong? It’s not as easy as a one night stand and never talking/seeing the person again … you HAVE to see this person again. Not only see them, you will be LIVING with them for the next six weeks. My best advice: hold that frisky thought, let the emotions build, and give in when you know you have 100% trust, respect, and loyalty in your relationship. I think this should be the standard for every relationship, not just Married At First Sight. (Trust me, Doug and I waited over 2 months and by the time we gave in it was 10000000% worth it – I’ll be sharing more about this night in my book out this February!)

David is not getting any.
David’s definitely not getting any.
Doesn’t look like Neil is getting lucky, either.
These two may be the only ones consummating their marriage!
These two may be the only ones consummating their marriage!


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See you guys later!



But Before I go…

Sam’s many funny faces. I could not NOT share these with you! Sam is hilarious! She is the kinda girl I would love to hang out with. I feel like I could be 100% my awkward, weird self around her and she just wouldn’t care. 🙂

Deer in headlights!
Deer in headlights!
I cant even come up with a clever enough caption for this! lol
Whackadoodle Dooo!
"Do I have anything in my teeth?!"
“Do I have anything in my teeth?!”
  1. But can’t it be that Tres and Vanessa found it more easily to be physically intimate than you did at their wedding because they, unlike you, were actually attracted to their new partner on sight. You seemed to take more time to become attracted to Doug whereas it was almost instant for these two. Hopefully that physical attraction doesn’t hinder the emotional attraction and progression!

    1. yeah it could be! For me, I don’t think I could have been romantic at all becuase I am very analytical and an over thinker. Even if I was desperately attracted to the groom (which look at my hubs, I can’t believe I wasn’t.) I don’t think I have it in me to be kissing and loving because it’s a stranger! lol I hope V and T give me some “love at first sight” / “fairytale” belief when this is done! 🙂 xoxo

  2. Tres proposal before the wedding was awesome. I wish all 3 couples success and happiness. Thank you staying in touch with the MAFS viewers. Merry Christmas!

  3. Loved Season 1! After that I told myself – “I’m not going to get sucked into another season”. I know eventually in one couple, one person will want to stay married and the other will want out. That would just be torture to watch. Season 2, I found myself sucked in again. After that debacle I said – I’m done with this – I’ll just watch the Courtney and Jason – Doug and Jaime shows. Season 3 and I’m getting sucked in again. Hoping these couple take the experiment SERIOUSLY and actually make a home together during the 6 weeks, like you guys did. I think that was one of the downfalls of last season – some did not have much of a commitment to actually stay in the same residence. Kudos to you and Doug for actually taking the experiment seriously and trying. You reaped great benefits. Merry Christmas to you both and little Lady.

    1. Yes, I am hoping you are right about that, too. It was definitely a disappointment watching last season unfold…but marrying a stranger is such an adjustment I understand why it was so tough for them. Thanks for cheering us all on! I have faith in these new couples! I’m turning my TV on now! I’ll chat more with you on Twitter, insta, & facebook! 🙂

  4. Got your email…updated my profile. Can’t wait to receive your Christmas card! Love you and Doug…you two will always be my favorite couple!

    1. Aw, thanks Diane! We love them all too, but I think my hubs has a man-crush on Tres! 🙂 He thinks he is especially ‘gentlemanly’ with that proposal! lol

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