You'd never know I overslept and didn't really brush my hair.
You’d never know I overslept and didn’t really brush my hair.


Ugh, ever wake up feeling like you just need ten more minutes? You roll over, hit the snooze, and close your eyes. Instantly back asleep! And how come it’s SO easy to fall asleep in the morning right after hitting snooze but when you close your eyes at night you have to count 1000 sheep before you drift off?

This happens to me all too often. And when I say all too often I mean at least once a week. I used to make Doug, my husband, his coffee in the morning so that’d make me get up on time. But now I make it the night before since he drinks it cold anyway. The only thing I need to do in the morning is just get myself ready – I’d much rather sleep in!

Look at us, we even take professional photos in bed!


I wake up in a panic to Doug’s alarm going off. His alarm clock is so annoying. Not only does it have this long annoying beep, but it has this extra gadget that rattles after the beeping stops so you can’t just hit snooze and go back to sleep. (Can you tell we have trouble waking up in the morning? Haha!)

Rubbing the buggers out of my eyes I roll out of bed. Ahh, I am late again!


Actually I have two:
• Stop watching The Walking Dead all night and go to bed on time
• Pull a hat out of the closet, throw it on and hide your bed head

Since I am literally addicted to The Walking Dead I’m not going to do this. I just simply refuse. My husband and I bond over zombies.

Doug and me on our way to Outer Banks, NC!
Doug and me on our way to Outer Banks, NC!

So, I’m left with my only choice being option two. Just hide the evidence. And I am perfectly fine with that! There is seriously a great hat for every single season. And I literally own them all! Below are a few of my go-to hats that are SO stylish – or as the “Bae’s” say – On Point! Just click on the one you want and you’ll go straight to Amazon. You’ll have your bed-head disguised and look fabulous for as little as 5 bucks! (I will ALWAYS find a good deal.) You can thank me later! 😉

*I write these blogs and give this advice based on what I truly love. You may be surprised to learn that companies offer me hundreds to thousands of dollars to promote their products/brands. I am so happy to say that instead of endorsing products I don’t actually use I choose to share only the stuff I really like with you guys. Otherwise I feel like I’d just be gipping great people just so I could earn a buck. And I believe in Karma. I don’t want that ish coming back around to me! If you buy from Amazon via the link I provide (above) I will receive a small commission for showing it to you. (You pay nothing extra.) This helps me keep my blogs alive – and I can sleep peacefully knowing I’m not “selling” you guys something I don’t truly believe in. Thanks for supporting me! I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Any questions or comments please add below. And let me know what you guys think! xoxo, Jamie

  1. It’s tough responding to these episodes because by time we see them they are probably ancient history. Through the majority of my marriage my husband has traveled for work. We are two very different people. I’m more of a homebody, and his temperament seems to need constant change, new experiences and new places. (Example – we have moved 10 times – 4 of those cross country coast to coast) When my son was born he pretty much missed the entire first year of his life, and of course we lived 3,000 miles from my family and support system. Needless to say those were hard times. Many times I wondered it was the right choice, many times we seemed like strangers (in fact, I’d get into my routines with the kids and he’d come home and instead of being happy – I was irritated). That son I mentioned is now 30 years old. Now I am VERY happy that we weathered those difficult years. My husband still travels for work, but we have made adjustments within our marriage over the years to make the whole situation easier for both of us – so both of our needs are met. My husband is a lot like Doug. He is kind, loving, forgiving, understanding – and a man of integrity. Absolutely worth the effort. Thirty-seven years later, even though he still travels, we are still in love and closer than ever. I’m glad I didn’t give up too quickly. I’m also not a big on total honesty – I have thought of ex’s, but I’m taking that to my grave. Coulda, woulda, shoulda…my marriage is top priority. Through all the tough times, I’ve never – ever – ever hinted at the “D” word – divorce. No matter how angry, no matter how frustrated! It was a promise we made to each other when we were newlyweds because we both knew the day would come when one or the both of us would want out. Neither of us has ever broken that promise. For us speaking the “D” word would break a trust – so we don’t. Amazing how that has sustained us and kept us going. We both know we are in it for the long haul. Hang in there. Solutions don’t happen quickly. It’s taken us years. You are a great couple. I’m rooting for you both.

  2. I’m going to tell you the real, factual fact, about what’s going to happen in your relationship. From what I seen from the tv show, and having to imagine and role-play in my mind, to see how your relationship would work when a camera wouldn’t be there. First of all, having four people who claim to have found your soul mate is completely based upon a theory, therefore not scientifically revelant. This theory laid out and explained is this, they would take pictures of the candidates, and four people would discuss, who would be most, “physically” attractive to one another. Try an experiment where, instead of having people know each other first and Have them experience such an emotional moment, to where it will impact the rest of their life. Then simply make them see each other and claim there married. Hoping that by saying you’re married, you would have to take this relationship serious.

    Now, thinking about you in particular. Emotionally, you tend to say words that are completely offensive, yet not understand that they are. You completely let your hormones control you. To where it’s distorting reality, a man should somewhat have emotional control over the relationship. When it comes to Doug, he doesn’t communicate about what he exactly feels because he’s afraid of what your reaction would be.

    Doug will always want to be your husband. But the actual truth to the relationship is that your the one, who will actually decide if you want to move on or not. Due to being emotionally unstable and making regret decisions.

    Best of luck


  3. I love your blog and I love you! I believe in honesty and that is what you are doing. It’s hard enough to survive the first few years in marriage and for you to have every moment filmed is doubly hard. Don’t be afraid to show your love for Doug. You can see he truly loves you and wants you to be happy! Give him a fair unconditional chance. You have a winner there and he knows he has a beautiful loving wife with you. Just let it show…….Be you!!! Marriage is work if you are not willing to put in the time and work then it will never work. I have been married for 42 years and we have known each other for 49 years meeting in HS. Believe me no bed of roses here that’s for sure. So please take care of each other and give love a chance!!! 😉

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