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My sister, Leah, 38 weeks pregnant!
My sister, Leah, 38 weeks pregnant!

Fashionably Clean Carpets

I have great news! My little sister, Leah, is gonna have her baby ASAP (due tomorrow, November 23). And, we just found out that my sister-in-law, Kerri, is expecting her first baby this summer! SO E.X.C.I.T.E.D!!! I’ve been dying to get my carpets deep cleaned because we have light carpets, but now I have to get the best carpet cleaner out there! Not just a good vacuum or a quick spot cleaner either. There is no way I am letting my baby niece(s)/nephew lay or crawl around on a dirty carpet! (Leah’s having a girl but it’s still too early to know if Kerri is having a boy or girl – will definitely keep you guys updated though!)

Bissel Deep Clean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet
Bissel Deep Clean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet

Dirt, Germs, Grime, GROSS!

It is kinda gross if you think about all the dirt and germs that you track into your home.  My baby is a fur baby (my pup, Lady). She is the love of my life but let’s be honest – animals are filthy. They run around in dirt, roll around on dead animals, and leave their pet dander all over. And, my hubs and I are guilty of running around inside with our dirty shoes on. I never really thought much about how much grime and dirt live in my carpet until I thought about letting a baby crawl around on my floors. (It’s true, this bacteria, dirt, and grime live in your carpets – eww!)

I love this wet vac!
I love this wet vac!

Hubs To The Rescue

I told my husband, Doug, we need to find the best carpet cleaner out there before these babies come – and clearly we are procrastinators because we only JUST got this carpet cleaner last week. But, today is Sunday and it’s our cleaning day! I opened up the box and tried this wet-vac out.  And do I like it??? Let’s just say that I am so excited about it that Doug literally took a photo of me raving about it! haha! (pic above – yep, I clean in sweats!) It seriously works SO well! I just had to share with you guys just in case you’ve been searching like us!

Here’s what we like: the water is super hot to kill the germs and the cleaning solution (included) smells so good. My favorite part about this wet-vac is that the cleaner part comes off so that it is portable. This makes it easy to do my staircase! (I think the staircase is where all the germs live because it’s so hard to clean there thoroughly – do I sound OCD yet? haha!)

Bissel Deep Clean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet
Bissel Deep Clean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet

BISSELL Deep Clean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet

The best thing about this wet-vac is that it is super easy to use and put together. It literally took less than five minutes for me to assemble it. Here are some of the reasons we were sold to it:

  • Upright deep cleaner with dual DirtLifter PowerBrushes makes whole room cleaning easy
  • Removable nozzle for easy maintenance and clean-up
  • Large-capacity tank for fewer trips the sink
  • Portable spot cleaner removes with the push of a button to clean spots and stains on stairs, upholstery, autinteriors and hard-to-reach areas
  • Heat wave Technology helps maintain water temperature throughout the cleaning process

Get Yourself Some Fashionably Clean Carpets

Just click this pic/link below to get yours on Amazon! If you have prime you get free shipping which is nice because it will be delivered right to your front door. This box is pretty big so it’ll be great not having to lug it around a store.

*I write these blogs and give this advice based on what I truly love. You may be surprised to learn that companies offer me hundreds to thousands of dollars to promote their products/brands. I am so happy to say that instead of taking a quick pay check and endorsing products I don’t actually use I choose to share only the stuff I really like with you guys. (Bissel has no idea I wrote this blog – I only wrote it because I am slightly obsessed with this wet-vac and wanted to share with you guys in case you’ve been searching.)  I feel like if I took money to promote products I don’t even use I’d just be gipping great people just so I could earn a buck. And I believe in Karma. I don’t want that ish coming back around to me! If you buy from Amazon via the link I provide (above) I will receive a small commission for showing it to you. (You pay nothing extra!) This helps me keep my blogs alive – and I can sleep peacefully knowing I’m not “selling” you guys something I don’t truly believe in. Thanks for supporting me! I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Any questions or comments please add below. And let me know what you guys think! xoxo, Jamie

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