Fall’s Must Have: Black Leather Jacket


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Fall’s Must Have: Black Leather Jacket

Fall is such a colorful season. Nothing is better than walking out your front door to crisp, fresh air. Look all around you – the trees are breathtaking with their fire orange and bright yellow colors. But my absolute favorite thing about fall is the clothing and boots! And one thing that literally never goes out of style is a cute black leather jacket.

The best thing about a black leather jacket is that it goes with literally everything in your closet. You could be wearing jeans and a white T, but throw on your black leather jacket and you look like you walked right off the page of a magazine. It’s a staple piece of wardrobe for me. I wanted to find a really cute, inexpensive black faux leather jacket for you guys. (This one is only 44.95 – and is Amazon Prime so free two day delivery! Yes!) Click the picture below for more details and descriptions on this jacket. If you don’t already have a jacket like this I promise you you won’t be disappointed in this one!

*I write these blogs and give this advice based on my own experiences. You may be surprised to learn that many companies offer me hundreds to thousands of dollars to promote their products/brands. I am so happy to say that instead of endorsing products I don’t actually use I choose to select only the products/clothes I truly believe in and trust. If you buy from Amazon via the link I provide (above) I will receive a small commission for showing it to you. (You pay nothing extra.) This helps me keep my blogs alive – and I can sleep peacefully knowing I’m not “selling” my followers something I don’t truly believe in. Thanks for supporting me! I hope this blog has been helpful to you. Any questions or comments please add below. And let me know what you guys think of this cute jacket! xoxo, Jamie

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