Ep 11: Motherhood in Hollywood


We’re super excited to have Heather Brooker on the show today. This mom, comedian, podcaster, and actress has been on shows including The Office and Grey’s Anatomy, and Jamie really looks up to her. If you’re not familiar with her from her acting roles, you might recognize her from her podcast Motherhood in Hollywood.

As you’ll hear in this conversation, Jamie is really excited to hear about Heather’s life and career. Heather has been a TV reporter and international correspondent, as well as a host on the red carpet at the Oscars, so you can imagine why Jamie is thrilled for this conversation! You’ll love it, too, because it’s a powerful look into accomplishing big dreams, even when it takes a while.

One thing that Heather has struggled with is finding a place in Hollywood as a heavier actress. We’ll go into some depth today about the issues with typecasting and the tendency to portray heavy people as being funny when they’re the butt of fat jokes instead of being comedic in their own right.

As you might have guessed from that, being heavy in Hollywood requires a lot of confidence. And, luckily, that’s something that Heather has! It’s great to hear her take on how she builds and maintains this confidence, even when it seems like the people around her are set on destroying it. In fact, she’s so confident that she’s able to joke and laugh about events that would hurt other people deeply. Just wait ‘til you hear her story about trying to get Hugh Grant’s attention!

Tune in to hear a refreshing, down-to-earth, and downright funny perspective on what it’s like to be a mother in Hollywood, a heavier woman on the red carpet, and a wife who’s been married for more than half of her life. She’s an amazing person, and this conversation was such a treat!


Today’s Guest:

Heather Brooker

Heather Brooker in Twitter

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Heather Brooker on LinkedIn

Motherhood in Hollywood

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In This Episode:

[01:20] – Welcome to the show, and thank you to everyone who asked Doug a question last week!

[06:38] – Doug introduces today’s guest, Heather Brooker. Heather’s daughter also chimes in to say hi!

[09:17] – Heather talks about how she came up with the name Motherhood in Hollywood.

[11:15] – What was it like to be a host on the red carpet at the Oscars?

[11:17] – Jamie responds to Heather, sharing a point about reaching for big dreams.

[14:52] – We hear a bit of a blog post that Heather wrote that really resonated with Jamie, and that a lot of listeners will probably relate to as well.

[19:15] – Doug responds to what Heather has been saying about her audition for the part of “Fat Pam.”

[21:04] – Heather points out that fat jokes are an easy target, and digs into why it might be more acceptable to make fat jokes than racial jokes, for example.

[23:21] – Is Heather’s daughter always in the back of her mind when she’s choosing new roles?

[25:43] – Heather shares a story about being on Facebook Live at the red carpet, as well as other tales from the red carpet.

[30:25] – We hear Heather’s thoughts on having publicists who are very standoffish and even rude to reporters.

[33:19] – Heather shares tips on how she gained and maintains her amazing confidence.

[36:25] – Another way that Heather maintains her confidence is by knowing what she brings to the table, she explains.

[38:49] – Heather chats about her relationship with her husband, who she met when she was just 21 years old.

[43:32] – Does Heather have any tips or advice on marriage?

[47:05] – Heather points out that sometimes it can seem like you’re being insincere on social media, even if you’re trying to be open.

[48:29] – Where can listeners find Heather online?


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Heather Brooker

Heather Brooker in Twitter

Heather Brooker on Instagram

Heather Brooker on LinkedIn

Motherhood in Hollywood

Motherhood in Hollywood on Facebook

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When “Fat Pam” Makes You Rethink Your Entire Career blog post by Heather Brooker

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