Ep 4: Pregnancy, Loss, and FertilityIQ


Today’s episode isn’t an easy one. We recorded this episode when we were at the end of the third trimester, but shortly after the conversation, we suffered a miscarriage (as you may have heard about). Even though we’re in a different space now, we still absolutely wanted to share this episode with you.

A year and a half after we got married, we got pregnant with our son Jonathan. We were so excited, and publicly shared that we were pregnant with our first baby. Just a week later, we found out that the pregnancy wasn’t viable and we were going to end up losing our baby. Naturally we wanted to find a reason or an explanation, and a way to make sure it wouldn’t ever happen again. But the hard truth is that sometimes it’s just out of your control.

In the first part of this episode, we’ll dig into that first pregnancy experience, including the aftermath, how we dealt with losing Jonathan, and why bunnies have become so important to us.

We’ll then move onto talking with our guests, Deb and Jake from FertilityIQ. Their website helps people find a doctor who will be a good fit based on anonymous reviews. The two of them were fertility patients who got pregnant and had two miscarriages, and felt like no one could give them a straight answer about anything. Ending up with the wrong doctor was a waste of time and money, and they were frustrated with not being able to find the right information.

Deb and Jake decided to do something about both of these problems! They started FertilityIQ to help people find the right doctor and to provide real data to help people make the right decisions. In our conversation, they’ll also talk about their own journey with infertility, including some of the things that they tried. No matter where you are along your fertility journey, this conversation should help you understand that you’re not alone and there are resources out there to help.

Today’s Guests:


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In This Episode:

[01:51] – Jamie and Doug welcome listeners to the episode, joke about a fourth episode anniversary, and mention today’s guests, before talking about their experience with their first pregnancy.

[06:56] – A week after announcing their pregnancy, Jamie and Doug found that it wasn’t viable. They share details of the experience.

[12:22] – Jamie and Doug describe the moment that they learned that their pregnancy wasn’t viable.

[17:08] – We hear about the impact that Jonathan made on Jamie and Doug.

[22:00] – It’s nice to be around positivity, Doug points out.

[23:00] – Jamie introduces today’s guests, Deb and Jake from FertilityIQ, before we hear messages about a few amazing sponsors.

[27:04] – Deb and Jake come onto the show and explain who they are, their story, and what led them to create FertilityIQ.

[29:50] – Who is the intended audience for FertilityIQ?

[31:49] – Doug points out that it’s easy to experience information overload when it comes to everything that goes into fertility. Jamie then talks about some of the struggles around infertility.

[32:28] – Do Deb and Jake have anything they want to share about their own infertility experience?

[36:06] – Deb explains how an egg retrieval, the following fertilization process, and the implantation of the resulting embryos works in IVF.

[38:51] – Are Deb and Jake in the process of doing one of their fertility grant giveaways? Deb answers, and explains how to qualify.

[43:27] – We learn about how Deb and Jake verify reviews, and how the rating categories work.

[46:21] – Jake mentions that a lot of people claim you’ll forget about the fertility community once you have a baby.

[49:04] – Where can people find Deb, Jake, and FertilityIQ on social media?

[51:55] – Jamie and Doug chat about next week’s exciting guests!

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Jamie Otis

Wifey 101 by Jamie Otis

Jamie and Doug announce their first pregnancy on the Today Show

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FertilityIQ on Instagram

FertilityIQ on Facebook

FertilityIQ on Twitter

Deborah Anderson-Bialis on LinkedIn

Jake Anderson-Bialis on LinkedIn

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