White With Style Review


white with style review

About two weeks ago I had a lovely lady reach out to me asking if I’d like to help promote a teeth whitening kit called White With Style. She said the company would like to send me a sample product. They’d pay me to share a photo using their product on my instagram account. They’d also give me a discount code so my followers don’t have to pay full price. Well, this all sounds pretty stellar!! I am helping my followers save money and I’m going to make money all the while getting a brighter, whiter smile.

This sounds like a win-win situation! I am getting paid AND getting a free White With Style teeth whitening kit. My followers get a STEEP saving by using my discount code. And White With Style gets more sales. Everyone wins!

While this may sound like a fabulous idea at first, I learned from doing this once before with a different product (and only once) before that it can really backfire. First of all, if the product is a piece of poo (which it was) then I am actually just “selling” my followers something that’s going to waste their money – and definitely not help them. (As soon as I realized I didn’t really like the other product I took it off my instagram. I felt like a lousy person knowing that I led my followers to purchase something that I thought wasn’t worth their money.) The nurse in me (and the people pleaser in me) just can’t do this – I don’t care how much money you offer me. My husband and I aren’t rich, but we aren’t so desperate for money that we’ll do anything to make a buck. Not to mention, now I have my own company, Jamie Otis™ Jewelry, and I don’t want to degrade my own company by promoting crappy products to my followers. Now, before I share the product I always ask that I can use it for a week or two first to make sure I actually do like it.

So I asked the sweet lady if they’d be willing to send me the White With Style kit and give me a week or two to try it out and see if I genuinely like it.  I told her if I did then I would be happy to post a photo promoting their product, but if I didn’t I would politely decline her offer.

white with style reviews

Does White With Style Work

Well, let me preface this by saying that I will be 100% honest with you all because I think there are too many people in this world willing to tell you anything you want to hear just to get whatever it is they want. That being said, I do genuinely like White With Style. I was concerned it would be difficult to use or messy and it’s really not. Another big concern for me was that it’d make my teeth sensitive. (Since I struggle with this already that’s the last thing I want!)

I am so pleased with this product that I decided to share with yall on my blog as well as on my instagram. (But really I just wanted to blog so I could be 100% honest and let ya know that I did get paid to share their product. I never want to be sleazy and secretive about that kind of stuff. So now that I’ve been completely transparent, here’s my White With Style review:


  • Easy to use
  • Didn’t make my teeth sensitive
  • Noticed my teeth were definitely whiter after three consecutive times using it for 30 minutes each
  • Comes with free Vitamin E cotton swabs which is REALLY nice to put on your gums after using
  • Kosher (I’m not jewish, but for those of you who are this is a nice tid-bit)
  • Cruelty FREE

Gotta be honest. There are a couple minor things that I didn’t like.


  • My gums tingled a bit when I first used it
  • I had to boil the mouth trays which was actually easy, but I’d never done it before so I was a bit confused at first. (Duh jamie, just follow the directions. It’s easy-peasy!)

SO there you have it! That’s my White With Style Review. One thing I definitely want to mention is that you MUST follow the directions. And if you have any concerns always check with your doctor/dentist. If you guys want to get yourself a shiny, bright smile then go ahead and use my discount code: Jamie28 at WhiteWithStyle.com  and save nearly 90% on your order! I hope you enjoy your whiter smile! I definitely am! 🙂





  1. Hey Jamie! Congrats to you and Doug! You, he and baby makes…five? lol! I’m writing because I’m confused like the rest of the folks below. Is White With Style a good product? I can’t see any responses so I thought I’d ask again. I’m very interested in checking this product out, ESPECIALLY at the discounted rate! Although, on the other hand, I am thinking something smells fishy because of such a discounted rate. Too good to be true, maybe? Hmmm….please advise. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Wait I’m confused.. at first it says that the product is a peice of poo and then it says it works in the end. which one is it?

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